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How Much Does a Smile Makeover Cost?

What do most procedures cost? Are there some cosmetic dentistry procedures that will give someone "more bang for my buck"? READ MORE

I Have a Big Long Mouth. How Do I Make it Smaller? (photo)

I have a big mount that gets long especially when I Talk Laugh or Smile. Can I make my mouth smaller or Proportionate? and if there any risk to loose... READ MORE

Smile Makeover - Cost of Crowns + Implants

How much do dental implants and crowns cost? READ MORE

Why Are Smile Makeovers So Expensive?

I was thinking about a smile makeover, full mouth, and saw that it can cost over $30,000. Is this because dentist fees are really high, the time to do... READ MORE

How Can You Fix the Gap Between Your Teeth After Removing the Snaggle Tooth?

I really want to remove my snaggle tooth (left canine tooth). Everyone always notices it and makes comments on it, and it is sticking out pretty bad.... READ MORE

Smile Makeover Options for Slight Overbite and Chipped Teeth?

What treatments within a smile makeover are best to correct several chipped teeth, a slight overbite and some overlapping bottom teeth? What options... READ MORE

What is the Average Cost to Get a Smile Makeover on Severely Damaged Teeth?

What type of procedures are involved in a smile makeover for damaged teeth? READ MORE

Common Procedure to Fix Teeth During Smile Makeover?

What is the range in price for the various options that may be available to fix broken teeth during a smile makeover? READ MORE

My upper teeth are not visible during smile or talking. What treatment I should get? (photos)

My upper teeths are not visible during smile or talking. What treatment I should get. And to whom I should consult .How much cost it will take for the... READ MORE

How much does smile makeover cost? How long does it take?

Hello my name is michel i have disorganized teeth and they are bigger i have no good smile, i fell as i want teeth surgery (smile makeover) my... READ MORE

How much do you think I will have to pay? And what's the best thing to do? (photos)

I absolutely hate my teeth and smile with a passion!! I never smile in photos and always look the odd one out, it makes me feel horrible. READ MORE

How much will it cost and how old with parent permission do you have to be to get your front teeth filed down? (Photo)

My teeth are straight, I have no overbite and my teeth are not overly sensitive, but my two front teeth are longer and bigger than the others. Will it... READ MORE

Can plastic surgery fix my smile? (Photo)

When I smile it's crooked. My smile lines are two different shapes and I really don't like it. Could plastic surgery fix this? If yes, how much?... READ MORE

I want to get rid of my gummy smile. What are the treatment, cost, and duration for recovery? (photos)

I have a gummy smile and I want to get rid of my gummy smile. I have not done any kind of treatment untill now. I want to know what is the best... READ MORE

How much it does it cost to file down my long front tooth, together with others to look appropriately aligned? (Photo)

One of my two front teeth broke while I was young. Now the remaining one has emerged as the longest and ugly, more so as the natural shape of my teeth... READ MORE

My smile is weird. How can I fix this? (photos)

I need help! For years I have been very self concious over the alignment of my face. Does anyone have any speculations as to what could be wrong? How... READ MORE

I'm unhappy with my gummy smile. Should I get gum contouring, if so how much would it cost? (photos)

I have had braces and am happy with the straightness of my teeth, but I am very unhappy with the amount of gum that shows whenever I smile. What... READ MORE

What should I do with my teeth, I have gummy smile too. (photo)

Just wanted a beautiful smile without gummy, and doesn't cost too much , Toronto READ MORE

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