Canine Tooth + Smile Makeover

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My Two Front Teeth Are Not in the Middle and I Dont Have a Canine Tooth, Can I Do Anything

Just over 3 years ago i had my right canine tooth taken out because it had become flat in my gum and it wasn't in the right position to come out.... READ MORE

Can I have my canine tooth filed down and crowned for a smile makeover? (photo)

I an 26 now and have been being very self conscious about my ugly teeth! I don't like to "laugh out loud" and don't have enough confidence talking... READ MORE

No Room in Daughter's Mouth for Canine (Cuspid) Teeth. What Can I Do?

Hi, My daughter is 8 years old, her top and bottom incisors(central and lateral) are big, they are occupying 6 spaces instead of there is not... READ MORE

What's the Best Way to Improve my Slightly Gappy Upper Smile? I'm Missing L Canine Tooth. (photo)

L upper canine tooth grew out high above gum line -> dentist pulled it out.. Thus, leaving me w/ spaces b/t the 2 front teeth & spaces b/t the... READ MORE

What Can Be Done About my Gaps and Baby Teeth? (photo)

My canine teeth are still my milk teeth. Apparently I won't get adult teeth come through because there's no root. They're smaller and a... READ MORE

How do I get a U-shaped smile? What treatment should I go for? (photos)

My 2 front teeth used to be crooked so I had braces to straighten it. I had braces for 5 years but apparently my bite and smile looked better before... READ MORE

How do I get a Hollywood smile? (Photo)

My teeth slant inward and it bothers me. I also want to shave down my canines or do something that gives me more of a "hollywood" smile. Help? READ MORE

What should I do about my two canines? (photos)

I know that it is not an urgent problem but it makes me feel incredibly self-conscious, and I would love to be comfortable with my smile. READ MORE

How much to fix my smile? And how much to fix my canine? (Photo)

I have a canine that I just broke has some to little decay on back. I also have extracted teeth right next to both canine and on the same side as the... READ MORE

Had my four impacted canine teeth removed. Am I able to get braces? What can be done? Can other teeth near be reshaped? (Photo)

I was really self conscious about my smile but couldn't afford braces , all four were removed and now I want a good smile but dont have any canine... READ MORE

Can I still make my smile great?

I need honest opnions on how to make my smile better, there are obvious things that Im already aware of, my yellow teeth. Which I can just whiten... READ MORE

Canine Substitution, to go for it, or to not go for it? Currently going for Invisalign to fix gaps. (photo)

Had braces 2.5yrs, took off 9mths. Implant option too exp. I have a malocclusion class 2 so implant = more teeth = more overbite.New dentist told me... READ MORE

What treatment should I get now? (photos)

One doctor extracted my right canine tooth. Now i have a disturbed center line and one sided smile. How doctors can fix this now? READ MORE

I want to remove or correct my left upper side canine teeth? Told I'm too young(23) and braces and Invisalign are better (photo)

I am into acting profession. And my left side upper canine teeth is giving problem because in camera it will not look good. I consulted three doctors... READ MORE

Where to start with my smile makeover? (Photos)

I'm 32 years old and I hate teeth! My 2 upper canine teeth are impacted, I have an overbite, stains and crowding on the bottom. My sales career... READ MORE

Lateral incisors are missing, canines have taken its place and those canines are twisted a bit. Don't know what's best for me?

Dentists suggested me for implant,bridge and shaping the canine like incisors. I dont know what to do since i am confused and dont know what will be... READ MORE

Uneven teeth. How can I get a better smile?

I have large front teeth and then small ,then pointed canine How can I get a bettee smile? READ MORE

18 almost 19 with a baby canine tooth? What to do? Is there any hope to having a 'perfect' smile again?

I recently found out that I still had baby canine tooth, while having a routine check up at the dentist. The dentist removed it and recommended me to... READ MORE

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