Canine Tooth + Smile Makeover

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My Two Front Teeth Are Not in the Middle and I Dont Have a Canine Tooth, Can I Do Anything

Just over 3 years ago i had my right canine tooth taken out because it had become flat in my gum and it wasn't in the right position to come out.... READ MORE

Can I have my canine tooth filed down and crowned for a smile makeover? (photo)

I an 26 now and have been being very self conscious about my ugly teeth! I don't like to "laugh out loud" and don't have enough confidence talking... READ MORE

What's the Best Way to Improve my Slightly Gappy Upper Smile? I'm Missing L Canine Tooth. (photo)

L upper canine tooth grew out high above gum line -> dentist pulled it out.. Thus, leaving me w/ spaces b/t the 2 front teeth & spaces b/t the... READ MORE

No Room in Daughter's Mouth for Canine (Cuspid) Teeth. What Can I Do?

Hi, My daughter is 8 years old, her top and bottom incisors(central and lateral) are big, they are occupying 6 spaces instead of there is not... READ MORE

What Can Be Done About my Gaps and Baby Teeth? (photo)

My canine teeth are still my milk teeth. Apparently I won't get adult teeth come through because there's no root. They're smaller and a... READ MORE

How do I get a U-shaped smile? What treatment should I go for? (photos)

My 2 front teeth used to be crooked so I had braces to straighten it. I had braces for 5 years but apparently my bite and smile looked better before... READ MORE

How do I get a Hollywood smile? (Photo)

My teeth slant inward and it bothers me. I also want to shave down my canines or do something that gives me more of a "hollywood" smile. Help? READ MORE

What should I do about my two canines? (photos)

I know that it is not an urgent problem but it makes me feel incredibly self-conscious, and I would love to be comfortable with my smile. READ MORE

How much to fix my smile? And how much to fix my canine? (Photo)

I have a canine that I just broke has some to little decay on back. I also have extracted teeth right next to both canine and on the same side as the... READ MORE

Had my four impacted canine teeth removed. Am I able to get braces? What can be done? Can other teeth near be reshaped? (Photo)

I was really self conscious about my smile but couldn't afford braces , all four were removed and now I want a good smile but dont have any canine... READ MORE

Can I still make my smile great? (photo)

I need honest opnions on how to make my smile better, there are obvious things that Im already aware of, my yellow teeth. Which I can just whiten... READ MORE

What treatment should I get now? (photos)

One doctor extracted my right canine tooth. Now i have a disturbed center line and one sided smile. How doctors can fix this now? READ MORE

Lateral incisors are missing, canines have taken its place and those canines are twisted a bit. Don't know what's best for me?

Dentists suggested me for implant,bridge and shaping the canine like incisors. I dont know what to do since i am confused and dont know what will be... READ MORE

Uneven teeth. How can I get a better smile?

I have large front teeth and then small ,then pointed canine How can I get a bettee smile? READ MORE

18 almost 19 with a baby canine tooth? What to do? Is there any hope to having a 'perfect' smile again?

I recently found out that I still had baby canine tooth, while having a routine check up at the dentist. The dentist removed it and recommended me to... READ MORE

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