Age 17 Or Under + Smile Makeover

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My 4 Year Old Son's Crooked Smile Seems to Be Getting Worse. What Can Be Causing This?

I used to only notice it when he was smiling his smile very big. Now it is notibible to me atleast with every smile. What can be causing it to get... READ MORE

10 Days Post-Op Openbite Jaw Surgery Smile is Now Drooping on One Side, Permanent?

My son 15yrs of age had openbite jaw reconstructive surgery 10days ago. Everything seemed fine just the normal swelling but on the 11th day we noticed... READ MORE

I have a very crooked smile. And it annoys me every time I laugh. Any way to fix it? (Photo)

Well, I have a very crooked smile. I'm 15 years old, and it just annoys me every time I laugh, cause then the left side just keeps going down, and I... READ MORE

How Can I Get my Front Teeth Fixed? (photo)

I am 17 years old and I have had braces although I'm not very confident when it comes to talking because I hate my teeth, just before I got my adult... READ MORE

My chin and smile are not symmetrical. What can I do to fix it? (Photo)

I'm 14 and i really hate smiling for photos because of my smile. What can i do to fix it or make it a little more symmetrical. READ MORE

I'm 16 and I have a terribly bad gummy smile and uneven front teeth, what can I do? (photos)

I had a gum reduction a little more then a year ago but it really didn't help much. Veneers are crazy expensive and I'm not sure what else my options... READ MORE

Im About 15 and Want to Kno

Im About 15 and Want to Know Why my Smile is So Crooked, is It my Jaw or Because my Teeth Arent Exactly Straight? READ MORE

Do you have to be 15 years old exactly for 6 month smiles?

Can you be 14 and get 6month smiles? Do you have to be 15 years old to have 6 month smiles because im 14 and don't need 2 years I just want 6-12... READ MORE

My Cry For Help! - Hello, I am a 17 year old male in desperate need of a new mouth!

Hello, I am a 17 year old male in desperate need of a new mouth!!!!!! I've always had pretty crooked teeth but now it's really starting to bother me.... READ MORE

What is the best option for a smile makeover? (Photo)

I am 16 years old would like to correct the color, size, and especially shape of my teeth. Would veneers or bonding be a good option at my age or in a... READ MORE

15 Year Old Daughter with Missing Laterals is Ready for Braces to Come Off?

My daughters braces are coming off and we are receiving so many different views on how to keep the space open until implants. It is a tough age to... READ MORE

I'm 16 yrs old. Whenever I smile or talk no one can see my upper teeth. Any suggestions?

I want my teeth to be shown. I have never got braces or done anything with my teeth but I think I should do something now So that my teeth could be... READ MORE

What are my smile correction/makeover options? (Photo)

I've had braces for 2 years and I want to improve my smile. I'm 16 by the way. READ MORE

Is There Any Way to Create the Illusion of a Bigger Mouth on a 17 Year Old? (photo)

I am very self conscious about my mouth and lips. My upper lip has only the middle part sticking out and my bottom lip is full and big. I feel this... READ MORE

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