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Options for Correcting SMAS Face Lift Scars?

I had a SMAS Face Lift, Brow Lift, and Liposuction under my chin in June 2008. The scar in front of my ear is perfectly hidden on one side, but is... READ MORE

Post SMAS I Developed a Deep Dimple Upon Smiling - What Could Cause This?

Post SMAS I developed a deep C shaped dimple upon animation It begins with a dimple punctuating highest part of the central crest of my cheekbone with... READ MORE

Should I be angry? (photos)

I am 3 weeks out from a SMAS facelift. I just took the steristrips off of my ears, and I see that the scars are (in my opinion) pretty far out in... READ MORE

I have scars after 4 weeks from SMAS face/neck lift. Any suggestions? (photos)

I feel pretty awesome! Swollen in morning...even so i wear garment and elevated...and at night if ive done too much. Silocone gel managed daily last... READ MORE

Is it normal? (Photo)

Hello Doctor, I did a SMAS surgery yesterday and today I got chocked of how deep into my cheek the scar is. I wonder if it is normal? My surging says... READ MORE

Cheek wrinkles after SMAS lift. 61 years old. Any suggestions? (photos)

On 2nd February l had an SMAS lift. Developed haematoma in right cheek, it was seen to immediately. After about 10 days l noticed cheek wrinkling on... READ MORE

With regarding to prevent scars, what are your recommended care for incisions after a SMAS lower face/neck lift?

Silicone Gel & Sheet for Scars: With regarding to prevent scars, what are your recommended care for incisions after a SMAS lower face/neck lift?... READ MORE

What can a patient do when a surgeon will not see you for a post op visit? I am 3 and 1/2 months post op.

I had a SMAZ face and neck lift in June 2016 with Dr. Tim Marten in SF. My neck is horribly tight and I look like I have an adam's apple. My ears now... READ MORE

Lower SMAS face lift: 2 different techniques.

Hi, looking into lower smas facelift, because of jowls and skin laxity on neck , seen 2 surgeons. One suggests liposuction on neck also with fat... READ MORE

Can Vth cranial nerve be damaged in SMAS procedure?

I have symptoms consistent with damage to nerve V (V1 & V2) after SMAS. Gritty, burning watery eye, hyperaesthesia of lids, temple, cheek and... READ MORE

3 mos post SMAS - one side perfect and natural, the other pulled, lumpy and hard scar around eyes. Revision recommended? (photo)

Dr. agrees it is odd and something unseen before in practice. Didn't have eyes done and yet major swelling, scar tissue and darker pigmentation around... READ MORE

Short scar facelift (SMAS tightening, not deep plane) w/ "extended" neck lift 14 wks ago. Yoga after face and neck lift? (photo)

The incisions are on the sides of my face running behind my ears. There is also one below my chin. Things are healing well. My question: Is it... READ MORE

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