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Should Jaw & Lower Mouth Pull So Much That Talking and Eating is Difficult After SMAS Face? (Photos)

Facelift changed day of surgery from endotine to SMAS facelift. Hard jowls (swollen). Lower face (lip) and jaw is very stiff..hard to make... READ MORE

SMAS Facelift "Pull" on One Cheek

Hello, I had a SMAS facelift 3 weeks ago. Immediately after surgery the right side of my face was very swollen and almost twice the size of the left... READ MORE

Left Side “Pulled” after SMAS (photos)

I had a SMAS facelift 12 days ago (December 12). My right side seems to be healing very well, but my left side looks and feels “pulled”. The doc... READ MORE

Noticing Pulled Up "Muscle" Cords After SMAS, Will It Improve? (photo)

Had smas lift 6 mos ago. I still see pulled-up muscles "cords" under skin. One side since surgery--pic with scar. As swelling has decreased,... READ MORE

SMAS Lift Technique Results?

Minas Constantinedes says (in his website video) that a plain SMAS lift gives just a pull close to the ear and therefor the patient develop in five... READ MORE

Will This Pulled Look Relax and Correct Itself? (photo)

I am 18 days post op, I have a pulled look on the right side of my face and the jawline on the same side has a ridge right below the jawline that does... READ MORE

Smas lift post op problems, what should I ask for to have them rectified? (photo)

I am really worried. I am 12 days post smas upper and lower blephs. Reputable and experiences PS. But I look too pulled and my eyebrows are too saggy... READ MORE

26 wks po SMAS. Mild pulling sensation at left outer canthus has developed into severe burning pain. What's causing it? (Photo)

Pain and pulling is posterior &inferior to ear, & an arc from outer canthus down to mandible. Have seen PS numerous times, requested neurological... READ MORE

During an SMAS lower facelift, is the skin,muscles, and tissues pulled upward or back?

During an smas lower facelift, is the skin,muscles, and tissues pulled upward or back? I would like to achieve a more sculpted jawline and noticed... READ MORE

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