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Lack of Mobility In Jaw Area After SMAS Facelift? What To Do?

SMAS facelift 21 days ago. Lower jaw is very immobile, stays open when I sleep, difficult making certain sounds (f, b, p), trouble keeping food (dry)... READ MORE

SMAS or Endoscopic Procedure for Cheeks?

I am a 36 year old man who desires a more youthful appearance. I've gone from 400-200-280 pounds in 20 years time. After researching all of the... READ MORE

Best face lift/procedure for malar crescents? My surgeon told me a SMAS lift would work. Is he right?

Have malar crescents. Which would be the better face lift to have,or the most suitable procedure to address the malar? I have been told by my surgeon... READ MORE

Should I look for another opinion? I'm a 65 year old non-smoker, great health and had an SMAS and neck lift in March 2013(Photo)

Now seven months post-op.Immediate post-op infection behind right ear/swelling right cheek-still swollen.Incisions -right ear-hypertropic."Spitting"... READ MORE

11 weeks post SMAS, upper blepharoplasty and neck lift. No movement left forehead, dropped brow, sunken eye. (Photo)

Dropped brow with no muscle movement. No more sensation of nerves trying to heal. More than asymmetrical cheeks one has no hollow , cheek set too high... READ MORE

Post SMAS lower face and neck. What do you recommend to permanently get rid of these wrinkles? (Photo)

I am happy that my Joel's and neck are gone. Had a SMAS lower face and neck 4 months ago. I still have some deep wrinkles around my mouth and upper... READ MORE

Lateral Sweep on 1 side of face 8 years after SMAS Imbrication. How can I fix it?

It protrudes somewhat on the right side, making the face look out of balance. Like it should be higher up on the face instead of where it is. It is... READ MORE

Eye Bags, Marionette folds and Jowls - what would be the best treatment to address these issues? (Photo)

I have heard that eye bag reduction can include a procedure called SOOF and wonder if this would work for me? Or would an Extended SMAS facelift be... READ MORE

Fat and fascia injection nasal folds, facelift 8 weeks ago. I'm uneven and still look old. What do I do? I paid 30 grand (Photo)

I had a smas facelift and fat injections @ nasal fold area. I still have weird protruding lumps where the fat was placed. My folds are still very... READ MORE

Help, "live fill" fat injections and facelift have left me feeling devastated! It's been 8 weeks. (Photo)

I got a smas lift and cheek lift plus fat injections in nasal folds. All my swelling has seemed to disappeared, except I have these huge lumps at... READ MORE

Do you stay in hospital overnight for a smas facelift?

Thinking of having a facelift soon and Im concerned about pain management, my question is do you stay in hospital overnight or go home the same day... READ MORE

Is it possible to "redrape" neck skin as a "touch-up" procedure after SMAS facelift, necklift & platysmaplasty, 1 year post-op?

If there is a skin (only) contour issue (slightly loose & uneven under the chin, mainly around submental incision) after otherwise satisfactory... READ MORE

Can a high smas lift lift my upper cheeks? How can I find a doctor who does this procedure?

I had a cheek lift about 2 months ago which i thought was a smas lift but after surgery from droopy face/cheek & horrible recovery plus googling i... READ MORE

Could revision surgery help "tuck-up" my hanging skin? Who does revision facelifts in DC/Baltimore area? (Photo)

I had an SMAS facelift/neck lift on 6/30/16. The surgery did not give me the strong jaw and 90 degree neckline I had expected. When questioned, my... READ MORE

Head staples removed after SMAS facelift. How do I care for the incisions?

I have had staples removed in my head after smass facelift it feels lumpy like they are still there, but they're not, how do I care now for the... READ MORE

Bump on cheek 2 years after SMAS facelift. Is this common? (Photos)

I had an SMAS facelift 2 years ago. There is still a bump (soft lump) on the left cheek. It is not painful. The bump has come down over 2 years, but... READ MORE

One side of a face lift more lax than other. Can it be corrected?

If after the appropriate healing time one side of a SMACS face lift one side is more lax than the other how is this corrected? READ MORE

Would a SMAS facelift help the skin? (Photo)

Hi doctors. I had a cheekbone and jawline reduction 9 months ago to reduce the wide appearance. However, although my face seems smaller, the soft... READ MORE

Is it possible your face can fall forward and not down? If this is the case, would I be better off without any SMAS change?

When I push my skin to see what I would look like with a facelift it looks better if I push back toward the bottom of my ear and not up. READ MORE

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