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Should I Lose Weight Before SMAS Facelift and Neck Lift?

Should I lose weight before SMAS Facelift and Submentoplasty Neck lift?  I am having a Face lift & Neck lift & Brow Lift is being... READ MORE

SMAS Facelift to Improve Jowls?

I had a lower lift done recently. I still have the jowl and a loose neck. Doctor says that is all that can be done. It was a SMAS lift. Does the SMAS... READ MORE

Best Solution for Redundant Lax Neck Skin After SMAS Lift?

I had a SMAS lift in May. I think my PS did an excellent job, as overall, I have been very pleased with the result. However, in the last month, I have... READ MORE

43yo Four Weeks Status Post Double Layer Smas Plication, Still Have Signifacant Swelling, Will This Go Away?

43yo four weeks status post double layer smas plication I still have signifacant swelling to lower face and neck with lumpsThree weeks post op seroma... READ MORE

Deep indentation in cheek after SMAS - what is it and how can it be treated? (photo)

1/8/14 I had a SMAS. Two days post-op I developed a seroma on the left side of neck, it was drained four times. The second week in February I... READ MORE

Is a SMAS Facelift right for me? (photos)

Help! I'm 47 and VERY unhappy with my sloped neck and jowls. My right cheek is also larger than my left; can this be fixed by reducing the right cheek... READ MORE

I had a lower face/neck SMAS lift 6 years ago. Skin only neck touch up? (photos)

I was happy with my lower face/neck SMAS procedure ,,have also had deep Profractional laser to address some fine lines( did nothing). I don't really... READ MORE

Disappointed with results of SMAS lower face/neck lift. Can my neck be improved? (photos)

I am three months post surgery from a SMAS lower facelift. My neck had very little improvement and I expected a better result. As time goes on, my... READ MORE

Hello, I got a SMAS lift and neck lift with fat transfer to the eye-cheek trough and sides of chin. That was 5 days ago on 3/26.

I am still more swollen than ever! My eyes are completely swollen up! No bruises, just a lot of edema. I am on day 5 of sitting on my duff and I have... READ MORE

What would you recommend for correction post Face lift? (photos)

I had a SMAS lift at 58 and another one at 68 which this time included a neck lift. Now, three years later the corners of my mouth are beginning to... READ MORE

Things are getting worse 6 months after SMAS face and neck lift! Any suggestions? (photos)

Dear Doctors, I had a SMAS face and neck lift with platysma tightening 6 months ago. 1 month after the surgery I wasn’t satisfied but then things w... READ MORE

Revision face and neck lift are still not good. Ear scarring is prominent. What should I do? (photos)

Dr. did revision SMAS and neck 9 months after first lift. First pic is 6 months after first lift--see neck 2nd pic --2nd neck pic is just prior to... READ MORE

Wanted to see if this doctors was over charging?

Went to a doctor and he said he would preform and mini lift with a smas and the mini would help with my neck. Also would need fat graphing. He said it... READ MORE

Massage of neck and face after a SMAS lift?

Does massage after a facelift help, or does daily massage cause laxity earlier than if I don't do anything (other than moisturizer and sunscreen)? I... READ MORE

Post SMAS lower face and neck. What do you recommend to permanently get rid of these wrinkles? (Photo)

I am happy that my Joel's and neck are gone. Had a SMAS lower face and neck 4 months ago. I still have some deep wrinkles around my mouth and upper... READ MORE

Is it possible to "redrape" neck skin as a "touch-up" procedure after SMAS facelift, necklift & platysmaplasty, 1 year post-op?

If there is a skin (only) contour issue (slightly loose & uneven under the chin, mainly around submental incision) after otherwise satisfactory... READ MORE

Too much neck SMAS / muscle was removed. Any suggestions?

I had a facelift from a Kansas City surgeon (Philip Gutek) 5 years ago, who removed too much neck SMAS or Muscle, and my lower face is still pulling... READ MORE

How can I turn my head to the side and keep it there during SMAS lift without pain from neck muscles after the procedure?

Hi. I have some one-sided limited range of motion in my neck . How will I be able to turn my head fully to the side and keep it there during SMAS lift... READ MORE

Developing jowls I never had before, 15 days after SMAS neck/midface lift & fat grafting (Photo)

SMAS face & necklift & fat grafting 15 days ago. ( Fat to cheeks, lips, , nasiolabial & marionette lines.) Had NO jowliness before the procedure. The... READ MORE

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