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Should I Lose Weight Before SMAS Facelift and Neck Lift?

Should I lose weight before SMAS Facelift and Submentoplasty Neck lift?  I am having a Face lift & Neck lift & Brow Lift is being... READ MORE

SMAS Facelift to Improve Jowls?

I had a lower lift done recently. I still have the jowl and a loose neck. Doctor says that is all that can be done. It was a SMAS lift. Does the SMAS... READ MORE

Best Solution for Redundant Lax Neck Skin After SMAS Lift?

I had a SMAS lift in May. I think my PS did an excellent job, as overall, I have been very pleased with the result. However, in the last month, I have... READ MORE

43yo Four Weeks Status Post Double Layer Smas Plication, Still Have Signifacant Swelling, Will This Go Away?

43yo four weeks status post double layer smas plication I still have signifacant swelling to lower face and neck with lumpsThree weeks post op seroma... READ MORE

Deep indentation in cheek after SMAS - what is it and how can it be treated? (photo)

1/8/14 I had a SMAS. Two days post-op I developed a seroma on the left side of neck, it was drained four times. The second week in February I... READ MORE

Is a SMAS Facelift right for me? (photos)

Help! I'm 47 and VERY unhappy with my sloped neck and jowls. My right cheek is also larger than my left; can this be fixed by reducing the right cheek... READ MORE

I had a lower face/neck SMAS lift 6 years ago. Skin only neck touch up? (photos)

I was happy with my lower face/neck SMAS procedure ,,have also had deep Profractional laser to address some fine lines( did nothing). I don't really... READ MORE

Disappointed with results of SMAS lower face/neck lift. Can my neck be improved? (photos)

I am three months post surgery from a SMAS lower facelift. My neck had very little improvement and I expected a better result. As time goes on, my... READ MORE

Hello, I got a SMAS lift and neck lift with fat transfer to the eye-cheek trough and sides of chin. That was 5 days ago on 3/26.

I am still more swollen than ever! My eyes are completely swollen up! No bruises, just a lot of edema. I am on day 5 of sitting on my duff and I have... READ MORE

Things are getting worse 6 months after SMAS face and neck lift! Any suggestions? (photos)

Dear Doctors, I had a SMAS face and neck lift with platysma tightening 6 months ago. 1 month after the surgery I wasn’t satisfied but then things w... READ MORE

Revision face and neck lift are still not good. Ear scarring is prominent. What should I do? (photos)

Dr. did revision SMAS and neck 9 months after first lift. First pic is 6 months after first lift--see neck 2nd pic --2nd neck pic is just prior to... READ MORE

What would you recommend for correction post Face lift? (photos)

I had a SMAS lift at 58 and another one at 68 which this time included a neck lift. Now, three years later the corners of my mouth are beginning to... READ MORE

Wanted to see if this doctors was over charging?

Went to a doctor and he said he would preform and mini lift with a smas and the mini would help with my neck. Also would need fat graphing. He said it... READ MORE

Massage of neck and face after a SMAS lift?

Does massage after a facelift help, or does daily massage cause laxity earlier than if I don't do anything (other than moisturizer and sunscreen)? I... READ MORE

Is it possible to "redrape" neck skin as a "touch-up" procedure after SMAS facelift, necklift & platysmaplasty, 1 year post-op?

If there is a skin (only) contour issue (slightly loose & uneven under the chin, mainly around submental incision) after otherwise satisfactory... READ MORE

Too much neck SMAS / muscle was removed. Any suggestions?

I had a facelift from a Kansas City surgeon (Philip Gutek) 5 years ago, who removed too much neck SMAS or Muscle, and my lower face is still pulling... READ MORE

How can I turn my head to the side and keep it there during SMAS lift without pain from neck muscles after the procedure?

Hi. I have some one-sided limited range of motion in my neck . How will I be able to turn my head fully to the side and keep it there during SMAS lift... READ MORE

Developing jowls I never had before, 15 days after SMAS neck/midface lift & fat grafting (Photo)

SMAS face & necklift & fat grafting 15 days ago. ( Fat to cheeks, lips, , nasiolabial & marionette lines.) Had NO jowliness before the procedure. The... READ MORE

Is SMAS neck lift the same as lower face lift?

My primary concern is lower face sagging and jowls, along with under the chin skin laxity. I am getting a SMAS neck lift and am confused by some of... READ MORE

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