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Where Do Jowls Go when SMAS Muscle is Lifted and Tightened?

Do they move outward or up next to the sides of the mouth and just hang? Would lifting that muscle cause the lower face to appear heavier? READ MORE

SMAS Facelift to Improve Jowls?

I had a lower lift done recently. I still have the jowl and a loose neck. Doctor says that is all that can be done. It was a SMAS lift. Does the SMAS... READ MORE

Is a SMAS Facelift right for me? (photos)

Help! I'm 47 and VERY unhappy with my sloped neck and jowls. My right cheek is also larger than my left; can this be fixed by reducing the right cheek... READ MORE

Lower smas facelift.

I'm thinking of having a smas lower facelift mainly because of Jowls and my neck has a bit of laxity, not so much under my chin but front of neck... READ MORE

Eye Bags, Marionette folds and Jowls - what would be the best treatment to address these issues? (Photo)

I have heard that eye bag reduction can include a procedure called SOOF and wonder if this would work for me? Or would an Extended SMAS facelift be... READ MORE

Developing jowls I never had before, 15 days after SMAS neck/midface lift & fat grafting (Photo)

SMAS face & necklift & fat grafting 15 days ago. ( Fat to cheeks, lips, , nasiolabial & marionette lines.) Had NO jowliness before the procedure. The... READ MORE

After a SMAS Facelift, would have thought of better results. Wanted a sharp jawline, sure didn't get it. Any suggestion? (photo)

1.) Don't see much of a change. Still see the prejowl sulcus and saggy jowls. What went wrong? 2.) Any suggestions? READ MORE

Can a SMAS Mini Facelift still have swelling on outside at 9 weeks?

I am 9 weeks out and look asymmetrical. Still look like I have jowls on both sides and one side in the jowl area is fuller than other side and obvious... READ MORE

Can SMAS plication/imbrication permanent sutures be removed during a revision? There is a noticeable suture line down one cheek.

I had a facelift last year, which I believe was some sort of plication/imbrication procedure (not sure what the difference is?). I'm hoping this means... READ MORE

Can I have a high SMAS facelift after subperiosfeal midface lift to lift my cheeks & remove slight jowls?

I had a midface lift about 8 weeks ago & it looks bad. My cheeks are droopy especially in outer side & horizontal which make my face... READ MORE

Don't know weather I'm being paranoid. I've had SMAS lift, Brow lift and Tummy tuck at the same time. Any suggestions? (photo)

I'm extremely happy with the T.T. But feel as though my smas and brow lift could of achieved better results especially round the jowels. I did go back... READ MORE

Is the jaw swelling mens the jowls are back? (photos)

I am 4 months post smas face and neck lift. I was great until last week when I suddenly have either swelling are as my jowels returned. It is soft no... READ MORE

Lower SMAS face lift: 2 different techniques.

Hi, looking into lower smas facelift, because of jowls and skin laxity on neck , seen 2 surgeons. One suggests liposuction on neck also with fat... READ MORE

SMAS or MACS for a normal-weight 33-year old female with only early minor signs of aging? Would SMAS be an overkill for me?

I have a slightly drooping skin, large downward stretching pores around my nose (which I fear will get stretched even more after facelift), early... READ MORE

4 months post face and neck lift started to sag. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had a face and neck lift 4 months ago the smas. My left jowel is starting to sag. And the neck bands have come back. These 2 areas was my mane... READ MORE

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