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Ice After Facelift

I had my SMASS facelift (and upper eyelids) done 4 days ago. My cheeks are very swallen and hard, and I wonder for how long is it helpful to use ice... READ MORE

SMAS Facelift to Improve Jowls?

I had a lower lift done recently. I still have the jowl and a loose neck. Doctor says that is all that can be done. It was a SMAS lift. Does the SMAS... READ MORE

Swelling in Front of Left Ear/earlobe 9 Weeks After SMAS Facelift

My swelling was much worse on left side after surgery to begin with and then I developed an infection in left ear incisions and had to take course of... READ MORE

Post SMAS I Developed a Deep Dimple Upon Smiling - What Could Cause This?

Post SMAS I developed a deep C shaped dimple upon animation It begins with a dimple punctuating highest part of the central crest of my cheekbone with... READ MORE

Should Jaw & Lower Mouth Pull So Much That Talking and Eating is Difficult After SMAS Face? (Photos)

Facelift changed day of surgery from endotine to SMAS facelift. Hard jowls (swollen). Lower face (lip) and jaw is very stiff..hard to make... READ MORE

Can Monocryl 3-0 Suture Be Used for Lifting the SMAS Layer?

I got a smas facelift done a year and 8mths ago .There was no difference at all so the plastic surgeon done correction work after 1 year he made... READ MORE

I'm a 57 year old female with wrinkles and loose skin. Should I do a SMAS Facelift or fillers? (photos)

The first photo at 50. The second At 52 still looked good. The last one now. :/ Had endoscopic mid face and brow done at 46. Was very happy. Now... READ MORE

Deep Plane Vs Short Scar SMAS?

Assuming the two best qualified facial surgeon with 150+ facelifts per yr with one using deep plane technique under IV sedation and the other using... READ MORE

Left Side “Pulled” after SMAS (photos)

I had a SMAS facelift 12 days ago (December 12). My right side seems to be healing very well, but my left side looks and feels “pulled”. The doc... READ MORE

6 Months out from SMAS Facelift and Mid -face Suspension and Seeing Wrinkles and Jowls. Requesting Advice on How to Fix? (photo)

6 months out from SMAS facelift (including jawline, neck and lateral face) plus mid -face suspension. i am already seeing wrinkles on my neck and... READ MORE

Should I be angry? (photos)

I am 3 weeks out from a SMAS facelift. I just took the steristrips off of my ears, and I see that the scars are (in my opinion) pretty far out in... READ MORE

SMAS facelift Additional question: is it possible to achieve any lifting of the temple area, with a SMAS facelift? (Photo)

I am planning this procedure for September 2014. I am wondering if it is possible to achieve any lifting of the temple area, with a SMAS facelift.... READ MORE

Should I look for another opinion? I'm a 65 year old non-smoker, great health and had an SMAS and neck lift in March 2013(Photo)

Now seven months post-op.Immediate post-op infection behind right ear/swelling right cheek-still swollen.Incisions -right ear-hypertropic."Spitting"... READ MORE

What kind of face lift or procedure do I need? I am 39, with hollowness under eyes and sagging around mouth (Photo)

I have hollowness under the eyes and sagging around mouth I want SMAS lift but without cutting down the neckline since i do not have neck sagging only... READ MORE

SMAS, composite, or deep plane rhytidectomy?

I read various articles on these methods and wonder which of these might best apply to an 87 year old woman in excellent health and active. Just... READ MORE

face lifting and fat grafting (photo)

Hello, I would like to know what is the difference between hight SMAS technic and classic SMAS face lifting? And one more question: when is possible... READ MORE

3.5 weeks ago I had a smas lift. Very severe tightness and discomfort. (photos)

I have severe bunching behind my ears which does not appear to be improving . I also have a deep line and swelling a bit like a rope or tube down one... READ MORE

SMAS or MACS for a normal-weight 33-year old female with only early minor signs of aging? Would SMAS be an overkill for me?

I have a slightly drooping skin, large downward stretching pores around my nose (which I fear will get stretched even more after facelift), early... READ MORE

Noticeable Scab after Facelift 9 weeks later, will this go away? (photos)

It looks like I lost my sideburns, 9 weeks after a seven hour SMAS facelift with fat transfer and a hemotoma two days later, whu=ich was surgically... READ MORE

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