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My Ears Are Ringing Post SMAS Face Lift, What's Going On?

I had a SMAS facelift about 3 months ago, In the past three weeks, I have been experiencing ringing in my ears, especially on the left side. I asked... READ MORE

Will vertical folds behind my ears go away? (photo)

Is this normal? How long will it take to go away if it will go away? Is this a common thing? I know most will say wait a few months, but wanted to... READ MORE

Ear Deformity? 3 weeks after SMAS Facelift, this is how my ear looks now. I feel its doesn't look "normal". (photo)

Dear Doctors, 3 weeks after smas facelift, this is how my ear looks now. I feel its doesn't look "normal". I believe its shows clear sign of the... READ MORE

Revision face and neck lift are still not good. Ear scarring is prominent. What should I do? (photos)

Dr. did revision SMAS and neck 9 months after first lift. First pic is 6 months after first lift--see neck 2nd pic --2nd neck pic is just prior to... READ MORE

3.5 weeks ago I had a smas lift. Very severe tightness and discomfort. (photos)

I have severe bunching behind my ears which does not appear to be improving . I also have a deep line and swelling a bit like a rope or tube down one... READ MORE

How much is too much? Can I have all of these procedures at one time?

High SMAS FL, upper/lower eyes, necklift, and ear pinning. Can this all be done at one time to get the recovery over with so I can miss the least... READ MORE

What is the white area on my ear and why isn't it healing after my Facelift? (photos)

I had a SMAS facelift a little over 3 months ago, and although I am healing well overall, I feel like I am devensome scar tissue behind my left... READ MORE

Two years after SMAS, neck tightness, tenderness and some numbing around ears. Can it ever go away?

Recently, I had pain in my right jaw (the most problematic) and ended up with a root canal appointment. Is there any correlation between the tightness... READ MORE

What to do about scar tissue after SMAS facelift and neck lift?

After SMAS Facelift/Necklift two years ago, a doctor just discovered through ultrasound that the source of all my pain is a band of scar tissue that... READ MORE

SMAS 15 months ago. Post-op RHS of face tighter than LHS, altered sensation at the medial commissure of R eye, ear deformities.

Past year on RHS face: I've a gritty eye, numb lids, a funny sensation affecting nasal lining, slight drooling from right side mouth and right eye now... READ MORE

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