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Deep Plane Vs Short Scar SMAS?

Assuming the two best qualified facial surgeon with 150+ facelifts per yr with one using deep plane technique under IV sedation and the other using... READ MORE

Difference in Results/longevity Between SMAS Lift Done Under Oral Sedation and Deep Plane Performed Under IV Sedation?

Assume the same patient consults with two highly qualified, board certified, face-only surgeons. One does 100+ procedures per/yr using a short scar,... READ MORE

SMAS Mini Facelift Procedure Differences

I've had 4 consults for mini facelift procedure (w/o necklift). I'm still a bit confused. All 4 surgeons talk about doing a SMAS lift, but there seem... READ MORE

Other names for high-SMAS facelift?

Hello, is "extended smas facelift" same with "high-smas facelift" ? Or deep plane and high-smas same techniques? Is there any other term for high-smas... READ MORE

What is the difference between a deep plane & a SMAS procedure?

Also, compare the two procedures as it relates to age. I am 68 yrs of age. READ MORE

SMAS, composite, or deep plane rhytidectomy?

I read various articles on these methods and wonder which of these might best apply to an 87 year old woman in excellent health and active. Just... READ MORE

Can a deep plane face lift (SMAS) be performed using only oral (valium or equivalent) meds and local injections?

Can the composite/deep plane lift (technique of working beneath the SMAS layer and moving skin and SMAS as single unit) be done using only an orally... READ MORE

I have been operated of a deep plane facelift 4 days ago. Will this be reabsorbed? (photo)

In my right site, i note as 2 big wrinkles. Surgeon said me that maybe it is the sutures throwing because i barely had SMAS. Surgeon said me that... READ MORE

V-line surgery and deep plane facelift.

Can v-line surgery be done at the same time as smas/deep plane facelift? READ MORE

Lifting cheeks after facelift?

Hi Doctors. I have a question. I had a deep plane SMAS facelift approx a week and a half ago that was supposed to address the mid face as well. About... READ MORE

How common is permanent nerve damage with SMAS/deep plane facelift?

I'm planning on having a deep plane face lift and want to know how common/uncommon permanent nerve damage is with this procedure. I believe I have an... READ MORE

Can you please tell me the difference between an SMAS facelift and a deep plane facelift? (Photo)

Which one is safer? Has longer lasting results? Best for me? Sorry, my photos were upright when I uploaded them, don't know why they're rotated. I'm... READ MORE

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