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PSP Facelift Results As Dramatic As SMAS Facelift?

I am seeing a surgeon tomorrow, who suggests going ahead with a PSP Facelift. I'd like to know first, will PSP facelift results look as dramatic as... READ MORE

Can a Doctor Call a SMAS Lift a Mid Face Lift?

I had researched the midface cheek lift, because dr. said that is what I was getting. (I paid for a mid face lift to soften the nasal laugh lines.) He... READ MORE

SMAS imbrication vs SMAS plication

Many of the docs at RS have said that facelifts using SMAS plication do not involve true mobilization. Does this mean that if my surgeon is cutting an... READ MORE

Facelift technique: Skin only pull vs Muscle pull

Do ALL Doctors use the SMAS technique (SKIN and MUSCLE) to perform a full facelift? If not, why?.... I read using the "skin" only pull is useless. Why... READ MORE

Which technique, high SMAS or lateral SMASectomy, provides the most improvement or lift of the cheeks?

When choosing between two different surgeons, each with a different preferred surgical technique, which will provide the best lift of the cheeks: high... READ MORE

Difference Between Multilevel Facelift and an Extended SMAS?

I am due for facial surgery at month's end. Dr. will be doing and extended SMAS along with an incision in the 'sideburn' area. Also, why are staples... READ MORE

What is the difference of a Macs and SMAS Lift? (photos)

I am scheduled for a SMAS and Neck lift filled by a obi blue peel. What is a Macs lift? READ MORE

General vs. local anesthesia?

My Dr. is doing a SMAS neck and Blue Chemical Pee. He prefers general anesthesia. I had several surgeries under general before and never had a problem... READ MORE

Does a Composite Face Lift have any benefits over a SMAS Face Lift?

The Composite is touted by a Dr. Hamra. Other doctors have indicated they do not advise such a procedure. So, the Jury is out, with me, as a Lay... READ MORE

What is the difference between a deep plane & a SMAS procedure?

Also, compare the two procedures as it relates to age. I am 68 yrs of age. READ MORE

SMAS, composite, or deep plane rhytidectomy?

I read various articles on these methods and wonder which of these might best apply to an 87 year old woman in excellent health and active. Just... READ MORE

face lifting and fat grafting (photo)

Hello, I would like to know what is the difference between hight SMAS technic and classic SMAS face lifting? And one more question: when is possible... READ MORE

SMAS vs lower facelift?

Hi doctors, I had a jaw and cheekbone reduction. 9 months later, I now have pitosis of the soft tissue near my jawline and mid cheeks. Will a smas... READ MORE

Is SMAS neck lift the same as lower face lift?

My primary concern is lower face sagging and jowls, along with under the chin skin laxity. I am getting a SMAS neck lift and am confused by some of... READ MORE

Differences in facelift time quoted?

What make up the difference in time from a 5 hour facelift (no eyes/no forehead) vs a 2hr lift with neck?? Doeesn't every PS adjust the SMAS?? Could... READ MORE

What is best for my face? SMAS or MACS? (Photo)

I recently posted and want to add clear pics of my face. I'm really wanting to refresh and look great all day!! I don't like neck drooping cheeks and... READ MORE

High SMAS facelift or MACS lift for droopy upper cheeks and slight jewels from weight loss?

I had an unsuccessful midface lift about 3 month ago which caused assymetric lips and hollow lower cheeks. Cheeks are horizontal not lifted at all... READ MORE

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