Cheeks + SMAS Facelift

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Does Lifting and Tightening the SMAS Cause Cheeks to Flatten?

A doctor told me that tightening the SMAS causes the cheek to flatten. Is this true and if so how do you avoid that? Also, if you just do a composite... READ MORE

Indentation on cheek after SMAS (Photo)

On 1/8/14 I had a SMAS. Three days post-op I developed a Seroma on the left side of my neck. It was drained four times, then resolved. The second week... READ MORE

Is a SMAS Facelift right for me? (photos)

Help! I'm 47 and VERY unhappy with my sloped neck and jowls. My right cheek is also larger than my left; can this be fixed by reducing the right cheek... READ MORE

SMAS Very Effective/somewhat Effective/mostly Ineffective for Cheek Rejuvination?

One of the Manhattan surgeon contributors to this site said that "The SMAS lift helps the upper cheek area more than anything else." I thought that... READ MORE

I am 59 yrs, 7 weeks out from smas facelift and upper and lower blepharostomy. Will the swelling be permanent? (Photo)

I have had virtually no resolution of severe selling especially on my cheeks and jaw. My cheeks are now fibrotic and I am afraid I may be permanently... READ MORE

Indentation/Dimpling on right cheek four weeks SMAS post-op. Should I be concerned about this? (Photo)

I'm four weeks post-op for a SMAS and mid-face lift and about a week or two out, I noticed that an approximately one inch indentation in my right... READ MORE

I'd like a smas facelift but my friend had one & complained of flat cheeks & hollowing under eyes. What could have gone wrong?

I 'm 40 and would love a facelift but worry my results would be like my friend with flat cheeks and under eye hollows, what could have gone wrong with... READ MORE

Help, "live fill" fat injections and facelift have left me feeling devastated! It's been 8 weeks. (Photo)

I got a smas lift and cheek lift plus fat injections in nasal folds. All my swelling has seemed to disappeared, except I have these huge lumps at... READ MORE

Cheek wrinkles after SMAS lift. 61 years old. Any suggestions? (photos)

On 2nd February l had an SMAS lift. Developed haematoma in right cheek, it was seen to immediately. After about 10 days l noticed cheek wrinkling on... READ MORE

Bump on cheek 2 years after SMAS facelift. Is this common? (Photos)

I had an SMAS facelift 2 years ago. There is still a bump (soft lump) on the left cheek. It is not painful. The bump has come down over 2 years, but... READ MORE

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