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Do You Lose Cheekbone Definition on the Side of the Face After a SMAS Facelift?

I really didn't want to lose the tightness I had on the sides of my face which included a well-defined cheekbone area. Have I lost this definition... READ MORE

SMAS facelift Additional question: is it possible to achieve any lifting of the temple area, with a SMAS facelift? (Photo)

I am planning this procedure for September 2014. I am wondering if it is possible to achieve any lifting of the temple area, with a SMAS facelift.... READ MORE

Rubbery numbness on temples, cheekbones, cheeks, and jawline almost 4 months after midface/smas and lower bleph. What now?

My PS doesn't know why I'm still densely numb after a midface/smas almost 4 months ago. My front tooth seems numb as well. I've lost confidence in... READ MORE

SMAS vs lower facelift?

Hi doctors, I had a jaw and cheekbone reduction. 9 months later, I now have pitosis of the soft tissue near my jawline and mid cheeks. Will a smas... READ MORE

Why has my cheek bone/contour never come back? Is it part of the SMAS that was tightened/removed?

Had a disastrous fl/nl 14 yrs ago. During consults he gently pushed my face back as the promised result. Reality-he 'yanked me pretty hard' (his... READ MORE

Are men more susceptible to Trageminal/sensory nerve damage during midface/smas facelifts?

I still have dense numbness on my temples, cheekbones, cheeks and jawline 3 months after a facelift/lower lid and liposuction under the chin. There's... READ MORE

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