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Where Do Jowls Go when SMAS Muscle is Lifted and Tightened?

Do they move outward or up next to the sides of the mouth and just hang? Would lifting that muscle cause the lower face to appear heavier? READ MORE

Should I Lose Weight Before SMAS Facelift and Neck Lift?

Should I lose weight before SMAS Facelift and Submentoplasty Neck lift?  I am having a Face lift & Neck lift & Brow Lift is being... READ MORE

PSP Facelift Results As Dramatic As SMAS Facelift?

I am seeing a surgeon tomorrow, who suggests going ahead with a PSP Facelift. I'd like to know first, will PSP facelift results look as dramatic as... READ MORE

How Long Will a SMAS Facelift Last?

After a SMAS Facelift is performed, what prevents the sutures from slicing thru the tissues and the face dropping back down and what causes little fat... READ MORE

SMAS Facelift Incision?

After speaking with plastic surgeon about SMAS Facelift, and he said he does the SMAS, starting inside the ear, around the earlobe and about halfway... READ MORE

SMAS Facelift to Improve Jowls?

I had a lower lift done recently. I still have the jowl and a loose neck. Doctor says that is all that can be done. It was a SMAS lift. Does the SMAS... READ MORE

SMAS Facelift Side Effect True for Smokers?

I keep reading that SMAS Facelift is bad for smokers--it has something to do about the skin dying. Is this true? Should I not have one, as I do smoke?... READ MORE

What is Your Opinion of the Roundblock SMAS Facelift Technique?

I'm 46 years old Finnish woman and am having some signs of ageing, especially on the neck. One plastic surgeon recommended a Roundblock smas... READ MORE

Do You Lose Cheekbone Definition on the Side of the Face After a SMAS Facelift?

I really didn't want to lose the tightness I had on the sides of my face which included a well-defined cheekbone area. Have I lost this definition... READ MORE

Would SMAS Lift Help TMJ?

Would an SMAS lift help with the TMJ I have? The right side of my face sags more that the left. I think this is caused by TMJ. I have managed to... READ MORE

SMAS imbrication vs SMAS plication

Many of the docs at RS have said that facelifts using SMAS plication do not involve true mobilization. Does this mean that if my surgeon is cutting an... READ MORE

Can Facelift Affect Skin Tone?

Will a deep tissue lift or SMAS resection plication affect the skin color or tone and is there any skin bunching around incision site? READ MORE

Is an SMAS Facelift a Good Choice for Me? How is Recovery?

Hello, I am 46 years old. I have a slight waddle on my neck fat, just skin. I have slight jowling and nasal labial folds. Overall I look... READ MORE

During a Full Face and Neck Lift Which is More Effective: SMAS Plication or SMAS Trimming?

Direct sutures or suspension (NOT thread) sutures into the SMAS? What has been your experience long term? READ MORE

Will You Please List the Kinds of Tissue Found in the SMAS Layer?

What are all the different types of tissue found in the SMAS layer? READ MORE

How Many Facelifts Can U Have in a Life Time?

One ps said it was only 3 in a life time is this true .?Is it more difficult with each facelift u have ? READ MORE

Can SMAS Lift Helps to Fill in Dent in Cheeks, and Jowls?

Im 34 year old female. I had orthodontic work done 5 years ago with 5 teeth extracted. I ended up with a flat profile. I lost support of my cheeks. My... READ MORE

Is TMJ a Contraindication for SMAS Facelift?

I would like a face lift, mainly for jowls but I also to correct other problems. I have an old fracture to the zygomatic arch on one side resulting in... READ MORE

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