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SmartXide Downtime?

I'm thinking of having SmartXide to address severe sun damage, facial wrinkles, enlarged pores, and rough skin texture. How much downtime can I expect... READ MORE

Smartxide Dot Therapy for Skin Tightening?

Does Smartxide Dot therapy do much for skin tightening? Does is give a bit of lift or youthful, less sagging skin? Is it mainly for acne? READ MORE

Is Smartxide Dot Therapy the Same As Pulsed CO2 Laser Resurfacing?

I was scheduled to have Smartxide Dot Therapy in January. I have done a lot of research on this procedure. My surgeon was going to sedate me during... READ MORE

SmartXide for Nasolabial Folds, Crepey Skin, and Crow's Feet?

Is SmartXide laser a good option for dealing with nasolabial folds, crepey skin, and crow's feet? Will the results be permanent, or temporary yet... READ MORE

Possible Dot Therapy Hazards?

I'm considering SmartXide Dot Therapy which sounds like a Fractional Laser from what from what I've picked up from this site. What are the possible ... READ MORE

Skin Problems That SmartXide Treat? Sun Damage and Wrinkles

I am 40 years old with severe sun damage, crow's feet, and wrinkles on my nose, top of the lips, and on the sides of my mouth. My skin also has a... READ MORE

Comparison of SmartXide DOT Therapy Fractional CO2 Laser and the Sciton ProFractional (Erbium YAG) Laser?

I'm trying to compare the SmartXide DOT Therapy Fractional CO2 laser and the Sciton ProFractional (Erbium YAG) laser. Are they designed for different... READ MORE

SmartXide Dot Vs. Mixto Fractional Co2 Laser for Acne Scars?

I'm 18 & have damaged skin due to popping, scratching, &picking acne in the past. I also have huge enlarged pores &lots of blackheads. I... READ MORE

Smartxide Dot Therapy Vs Laser Gensesis

Which between Smartxide Dot Therapy and Laser Genesis will give me better results? I am 39 with severe sun damage, wrinkles, uneven texture, and have... READ MORE

Sedation for Smartxide Dot Therapy?

My doctor said he'll sedate me for Smartxide Dot Therapy. Is sedation really usually done for this procedure? READ MORE

Active/Deep FX vs. Smartxide Dot Laser - Which is Better?

I have no idea which would be better - the Active/Deep FX or the Smartxide Dot Laser. Here in Austin, the first treatment costs much more than the... READ MORE

What Are the Side Effects of Smartxide Dot Laser?

What complications can you get after smartxide dot laser ablation. READ MORE

SmartXide CO2 Laser Safe for Asian Skin?

What's the likelihood of hyperpigmentation from SmartXide CO2 Laser? What are the possible long-term effects of this treatment on Asian skin? READ MORE

Is SmartXide Dot and MiXto the Same Thing?

Is SmartXide Dot and MiXto the Same Thing? READ MORE

Dot Laser - Does It Kill Sabaceous Glands?

I was told by my dr that the DOT Laser kills the sabaceous glands where the laser acutally contacts the skin. I was also told that it helps to reduce... READ MORE

Will SmartXide Make Dark Circles Worse?

I am considering doing smatexide for my dark circles but I heard they can go wrong and make them more dark. Is that true? READ MORE

SmartXide DOT Therapy at 40% Vs. 60%?

I am going to have SmartXide DOT therapy skin resurfacing performed. My doctor is performing my procedure at a 40% level. I have read that 60% gives... READ MORE

Is Smartxide Dot Therapy Safe for Sensitive Skin?

I am 39 with severe sun damage, wrinkles, and uneven texture to my skin. I have used the Obagi system, but I couldn't use Retin-A everyday because... READ MORE

How Many Passes Are Typical in SmartXide Laser Treatment?

I have read that some people receive two or more "passes" of the SmartXide DOT laser, or that some use the laser on a more... READ MORE

Australia SmartXide and MiXto Laser Doctor Recommendations

Can anybody recommend doctors in Australia that perform SmartXide Dot Laser and MiXto Laser? READ MORE

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