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What Can I Do About Itching and Flaking After Smartxide Treatment?

On the night of day 4, I had so much itching that it woke me up, to the point that I felt I was having some kind of "reaction". I took... READ MORE

How Often Can C02 Dot SmartXide Laser Resurfacing Be Repeated?

I have light skin (red hair/brown eyes always burn or freckle) and have just had C02 smartxide laser treatment to my face, neck and chest done by a... READ MORE

Pink and White Gridlines Post SMARTXIDE Laser

Good day, I did the SMARTXIDE laser resurfacing around 11 days back and am bothered by the redness that is still persisting on the treated areas.... READ MORE

When Will I See the Benefits of Smartxide?

Hello, I had Smartxide DOT 7 weeks ago on full face, neck and undereyes. I am 43 with good skin. I mainly wanted to have this done for the crepyness... READ MORE

How Can I Address Redness Under Eyes Post Smartxide Dot Laser?

I had smartxide dot laser done under the eyes and mouth two weeks ago. The area under the mouth has heeled nicely - very little discoloration. However... READ MORE

What Does "Stacking" Mean In Reference to Co2 Smartxide Laser Tx? What's Best For Me? (photo)

I had smartxide dot laser at a setting of 18 ,no results skin red 3 days back to normal and at work day 3 .i am due for a second treatment as its been... READ MORE

Causes of Smartxide Pinpoint Bleeding?

I just had a second smartdot laser ,this time the machine noise sounded diffrent and also i had more pain and lots of pin point bleeding,iam day 2 no... READ MORE

More Effective to Do a SmartXide Treatment Without Anesthesia?

I just had a smart xide dot treatment, and my phisician told me that no anethesia was necessary, for me it was extremely painful and i would like to... READ MORE

Severe Scarring After SmartXide Laser

I had SmartXide Laser on my face, neck, and chest, and I now have severe scarring. The doctor says it will "correct with time". The doctor... READ MORE

How Long Before I Heal from SmartXide?

I had SmartXide laser on the face, neck and chest 3 weeks ago. It's still very, very red and swollen on the chest. For someone who had this done on... READ MORE

Collagen Regeneration After Smartxide Dot Therapy

How long does it take for collagen to regenerate after having DOT therapy? READ MORE

Red (Spider Bite Looking) Bumps Post Dot Smartxide Laser, Normal? (photo)

I had the dot laser on my face, chest and forearms about a month ago. face and chest healed nicely but with little to no results. (age spots on chest... READ MORE

No Results After DOT Therapy

I have had SmartXide DOT Therapy on 1/22/09 and 3/10/09. My target areas were the lines around my lips. I was never a smoker so I don't understand... READ MORE

Grid Marks After 3 Weeks (Smartxide DOT Laser)

I had DOT laser face resurfacing about 3 weeks ago, the peeling is gone, but I have the red grid marks on my cheeks that after peeling were not there,... READ MORE

Can Track Marks on Face After SmartXide Dot Laser Become Permanent?

I have noticed that some people say they have track marks on their face remaining after 2 months. Can this become a permanent issue? READ MORE

Exercising After SmartXide DOT Therapy

I just had DOT Therapy today on my neck and chest. Does anyone know when it is ok to do normal activities like go to the gym? I do not want to do any... READ MORE

Swelling After SmartXide

I have SEVERE swelling on my face and its geting worse afte having smartxide yesterday I have put the fucidin cream on this morning and vaseline as... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for Smartxide Dot to Crust Over?

My face has crusted over & peeled away beautifully; however, my neck still has not developed a protective layer or peeling. Thanks READ MORE

Swelling and Yellowish Discharge After SmartXide

I had SmartXide around my eyes 2 days ago in the UK. My eyes are very swollen and a yellowish liquid is appearing too. I was told not to wash the area... READ MORE

Acne Breakouts After DOT Therapy?

I had DOT therapy 4 days ago and have broken out with painful acne on the treated area. Is this normal and what do I do? Currently, I am washing... READ MORE

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