SmartLipo MPX Videos

Laser Liposuction: SmartLipo Used to Eliminate Stomach Fat

Dr. David Berman offers a brief look into the operating room as he performs the SmartLipo procedure on a patient's midsection to eliminate stubborn belly fat. VIEW NOW

An In-Depth Explanation of the SmartLipo Procedure

Dr. David Berman gives a detailed overview of what can be expected before, during, and after a SmartLipo procedure. VIEW NOW

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Smartlipo of Upper and Lower Abdominals — See the Procedure Step-by-Step

Dr. David E. Berman performs a Smart Lipo procedure to the upper and lower abdominals of a middle aged woman. He takes you through each step from administering local anesthetic to the liposuction cannula. VIEW NOW

Smart Lipo: A Doctor Contours the Love Handles

Dr. David E. Berman performs Smart lipo to the love handles using a cannula. Each step of the procedure is explained as he completes the treatment. VIEW NOW

See a Timelapse of Smartlipo

Dr. Paul J. Leahy first marks the areas to be treated and then performs liposuction to remove fat cells. The treatment is done using local anesthesia. A laser treatment will break up fat cells, minimize bruising and swelling, and tighten the skin. VIEW NOW


Removing a Double Chin — The Doctor Offers 4 Options

Live from Vegas at VCS 2016, Dr. Pentrel answers questions about removing a double chin. VIEW NOW

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Is Smart Lipo Right for Me?

Smart Lipo is an excellent procedure that can yield great results depending on the person, their body type, and the continued focus on diet and exercise after surgery. Dr. David E. Berman explains. VIEW NOW

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After Smart Lipo, When Can I Start Working Out Again?

Getting back to full workouts after having Smart Lipo doesn't take as long as people might think. Dr. David E. Berman explains when many of his patients are able to get back to the gym. VIEW NOW

When Will I See Results After Having Smart Lipo?

Smart Lipo is a procedure that gets best results over time. Dr. David E. Berman explains how people continue to see results after six months. VIEW NOW

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Smart Lipo on the Upper and Lower Abs — The Doctor Demonstrates How It's Done, Step-by-Step

Dr. David E. Berman performs a Smart Lipo procedure to remove fat from the upper and lower abdomen. Follow along with the steps of local anesthesia, melting the fat with the laser, and then removing the fat with a liposuction cannula. VIEW NOW


The Doctor Creates Six-Pack Abs for This Woman — See Smart Lipo in Action

Watch as Dr. Kevin Tehrani etches this woman's abdominal wall muscles using high definition liposculpture. With this treatment, he can give her 6 pack abs and tighten loose skin. VIEW NOW


The Doctor Removes Fat From This Woman's Outer Thighs While Tightening Skin With Smart Lipo

Dr. Kevin Tehrani uses Smart Lipo or laser liposuction to remove fat from the outer thigh of this patient. The dual wavelength laser allows for skin tightening in addition to the fat removal. VIEW NOW


See How SmartLipo MPX Zaps Fat Cells In 13 Seconds

Watch as Dr. Kevin Tehrani shows how laser liposuction or SmartLipo MPX zaps and melts the fat cells. VIEW NOW

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SmartLipo: The Doctor Explains the Procedure and Who Is a Candidate

SmartLipo is designed for those within about 15% of their ideal body weight. The doctor explains the steps of the procedure, where it can be performed and how long it takes to see results. VIEW NOW


A Laser Facelift? It Does Exist! Learn About Energy-Based Devices

With more than 25 years of experience, Dr. Richard Gentile shares his thoughts on energy-based devices. VIEW NOW