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I Had Smartlipo Done 3 Weeks Ago on my Inner and Outer Thighs, but I Feel More Swollen in Week 3 Than I Did in Week 1?

Initially right after the procedure i could see some results but now when i look in the mirror 3 weeks later i look bigger. Is this swelling or should... READ MORE

How Long Befor I See Results from my Smart Lipo?

I had smart lipo a little over 2 weeks ago to correct some problems that I had with conventional lipo.The first time I had it done I felt the doctor... READ MORE

13 day post op laser lipo, my stomach is worse than before. Is there any hope that the ripples will go away? (photos)

My stomach is worse than before the procedure. Is there any hope that the ripples will go away, is this normal? I'm still wearing my compression... READ MORE

No results after smart lipo. (photos)

It's been 6-7 months after my lipo and I see no results... At times I look worse than before the procedure. I had lipo of abdomen and flanks READ MORE

Had smartlipo triplex surgery on neck and abdominals. It looks worse than before. Am I going to see an improvement?

I had smartlipo triplex surgery on neck and abdominals. With regard to neck, it has been 9 weeks and my neck looks wrinkly and puckering, I don't see... READ MORE

What procedure is best: Smart Lipo or Mini Tummy Tuck? Is Tiny Tuck an option? (photo)

I am 5'3", 118lbs, 33 yrs old, workout 3-5 days a week, currently no children and not sure if I will have any. I am looking to get a flat stomach and... READ MORE

How long will I have pain after Smart Lipo and Ulthera on upper arms? I am 50, will it take longer to heal because of my age?

I had Ulthera and smart lipo on my upper arms (bat wings) four days ago. I still have a considerable amount of pain/discomfort, and the skin is much... READ MORE

Is there another method of liposuction that isn't as detrimental to skin tone?

I've heard that smart lipo can cause your skin to sag a bit and cause cellulite to look worse. READ MORE

I'm interested in the Smart Lipo Triplex treatment to remove the fat and tighten my lower abdominal skin, will it work?

I am a 26 year old Male and I exercise 4-5 times per week doing weightlifting and cardio. I managed to lose a lot of fat in the past but ended up with... READ MORE

Smart Lipo made me worse???

I had Smart Lipo almost 3 weeks ago, on my stomach and flanks. First week I could really see a difference and loved my new body. I was wearing a faja.... READ MORE

Fat above belly button and arms after a TT and arm lift, will Smart Lipo help or make matters worse?

I had an arm lift and tummy tuck in January 2016. My surgeon didn't feel it necessary to do lipo on either areas or any muscle tightening. I am left... READ MORE

Is it normal for your lower abdomen to have a kangaroo pouch after Smart Lipo?

Two issues my lower abdomen is hanging and kangaroo pouch like after the smart lipo wasn't that way before . It's worse now and I cannot move a bowel... READ MORE

15 days post op. It looks worse than before. Is this normal? (Photo)

I'm still swollen and it looks worse then before is this normal ?? I'm getting worried bc I see pics with 5 days post op and they look great READ MORE

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