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How Much Weight Can Safely Be Lost with Smart Lipo?

I have researched SmartLipo and I truly want to do this. I have lost and kept off 60lbs for over 5 years and even had a baby during this time. I am a... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Butt, Hips and Thighs Through Smart Lipo?

I'm a Female who weighs 206lbs and am 5'6". Most of my fat is in my stomach and arms. I would like to get Smart Lipo but at the same time I would... READ MORE

At What Maximum Weight Would I Be a Good Candidate for Smart Lipo?

Hello , I am 162 female , 22 yrs old .. my fats are concentrated in my abdomin area .. I am on a weight loss programme already ( diet + excersice )... READ MORE

How much fat (in cc's) removed?

My doc told me that I had 4000 cc's of fat removed (that's fat, not fat plus lidocaine solution).  He measured it after it had separated... READ MORE

Is It Recommended to Lose Weight Before Smart Lipo?

I was quoted $2,500 for a chest Smart Lipo. I'm about to get this chest proceduce from a doctor in Zachary, LA. I'm excited about it and I think it's... READ MORE

General Anaesthesia for Smart Lipo?

Hello, I'm considering a Smart Lipo on my upper arms and my surgeon told me that he would do a general anesthesia because a local one would be... READ MORE

What is the Best Way of Keeping Weight off After Smart Lipo?

I have been thinking about smart- lipo and i would like to know what is recommended after the surgery to keep weight at bay? READ MORE

Weight Playing an Important Factor in Smart Lipo or Liposuction?

I am interesting in getting my arms and back done. I weigh 235 lbs, I am down from 320 lbs. I am 31 years old and skin is healthy. I wanted to know,... READ MORE

Does Being Overweight or Underweight Matter with Smart Lipo?

At the time of Smart Lipo surgery, does it matter if you're a little overweight or underweight? Is it easier to grab more fat cells if they are... READ MORE

Is Smart Lipo Ideal for 25 Year Old Tall Person?

I am 25 yrs old, 5'11" and 220lbs. My target or ideal weight is 175lbs. Please advise if Smart Lipo is a smart choice for me. I am trying to get... READ MORE

Smart Lipo for Loose Skin Due to Fluctuating Weight?

I have an appointment scheduled on August 10, 2009 to get Smart Lipo done on my arms, abdomen, and inner things and I'm crazy nervous!!I am currently... READ MORE

I weight 293 lbs. If I have Smart Lipo, would it be possible to get my weight down to 130?

Hi I weigh 293 and I was wondering if after I have smart lipo how was would I go down in weight I really would like to be 130 if that is possible . I... READ MORE

Better Results when Thinner or Does It Matter for SmartLipo?

I am considering Smart Lipo but I don't know if I should hold off until I have less body fat. Currently I am at 16% body fat and my navel... READ MORE

Does your weight stay the same after a Smart Lipo procedure?

I just had the smart lipo procedure on my upper and lower abdomen. Should I expect my weight to go down a little? My weight is the same. Should I be... READ MORE

What is the difference between Smart Lipo and regular Liposuction?

Is there a major difference between Smart Lipo and Liposuction. How do you choose? Does it depend on your weight etc etc?Which one has a better... READ MORE

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