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Smart Lipo or VASER Liposelection for Losing Inches on Abdomen and Waist

I am a 38 year old female with a small frame 5'3 and weighs 185lbs. I carry most of my weight in my stomach. I am considering plastic surgery, but... READ MORE

Good Results from Smart Lipo on Lower Abs?

Based on my picture, if I get Smart Lipo on my lower abs will I get good results? Or would you suggest that I have my waist done as well? READ MORE

Swelling and Itching After Smart Lipo - Is This Normal?

I Has Lipo 3 1/2 Weeks Ago. I Think It is Called Smartlipo.  I had upper and lower abs, and waist done. I feel bigger and swollen and I itch like... READ MORE

Can Smart Lipo Help Define Figure?

I am considering Smart Lipo. I am in good shape, but when I lose additional weight, my breasts and butt gets smaller, instead of my stomach and thighs... READ MORE

Why Do Some Doctors Combine Smart Lipo and Traditional Lipo?

Do you get better result? I am getting Smart Lipo on my waist and back area but have been told by my doctor that he will be performing Smart Lipo and... READ MORE

Can I wear a waist training corset to give me a smaller waist? (photos)

Had smart lipo done on my lower abs a month ago and my upper abs a week ago. My question is can I wear a waist training corset (photo) to give me an... READ MORE

How Do I Tell if I Have an Infection After Smartlipo?

I had Smartlipo Friday morning, last about 4 hours. They did upper and lower abd's, waist/flank. They took about 3700cc's. I have a very high... READ MORE

Should I Get a Retouch? (photo)

I had smart lipo the end of September on my upper, lower abs, waste and hips, and this is my results thus far. I am not happy with the results and it... READ MORE

What is the difference between "Lower Flank" and "Love Handles?"

I asked for SmartLipo to be used on my love handles and pointed to my hips/waist area. That area did not show any difference. My receipt shows I paid... READ MORE

I Look Bigger Than I Did Before my Smart Lipo Procedure?

I had smart lipo performed on my abdomen, waist, and flanks and had noticed i look bigger evetywhere than i did before my procedure. My procedure date... READ MORE

Smart Lipo Swelling/Recovery. What Can I Expect For Timing?

Hi! I'm getting smart Lipo on August 18 on my upper and lower abs, waist and hips. When I went for my consult the gal told me I should heal pretty... READ MORE

Is It Worth Getting Smart Lipo?

I am 28 years old, I don't have children. I really want to get rid of stubborn fat around my waist. I want to get rid of this, its given me self... READ MORE

Extreme Pain Normal 4 Days After Smart Lipo?

I have extreme pain around my waist and it hurts mostly on my back. I had waist and outer thighs done with Smart Lipo 4 days ago. The other areas are... READ MORE

3 weeks post op smart lipo skin looks horrible. (Photo)

I had smart lipo on my lower abs waist and back. I had stretch marks before that were tolerable but since my lipo they appear swollen and bulging will... READ MORE

How Do you Decide Whether to do Smart Lipo on Upper and Lower Abs or Full Core?

I am scheduled to have a smart lip procedure done on my upper and lower ABS, but am wondering if I should go for the whole waist and hips too. My Dr... READ MORE

Do Upper abs and Lower abs have a separate cost or are they both one price? (Photo)

I know this answer may be different from all the various doctors and your locations but generally do you charge one price for the entire abdomen or is... READ MORE

Would Smart Lipo give me realistic expectations? (photos)

Considering getting smartlipo and want to get some opinions. I am thinking of full abdomen, inner and outer thighs, waist, back flanks , and knees,... READ MORE

Would Smart Lipo help me achieve smaller waist?

I'm currently 5'3" and around 140 lbs. I've been dieting and exercising with a goal of being 125 lbs. Currently my waist is about 29-30" and I can... READ MORE

Will I Lose Weight off my Breast/higher Back Area After Recovery?

I had smartlipo on abs/waist 7 weeks ago. My breast/chest area has grown since surgery. Is this due to swelling or am I just getting fatter? My... READ MORE

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