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How Long After Smart Lipo is It Safe to Get a Touch Up? (Lower & Upper Abdomen)

How Long After Smart Lipo is It Safe to Get a Touch Up? (Lower & Upper Abdomen) READ MORE

4 Months After Smartlipo Touch Up, Could It Be Swelling Still? (photo)

4 months after my smartlipo touch up below my bellybutton, (they broke up some fibrosis and did a small touch up) could it be swelling still? gets... READ MORE

Is Smart Lipo Touch Up More Painful?

I had smart lipo about a year ago and will be going in for a touch up. Is the touch up more painful? I've read some posts that say it is and some... READ MORE

Can I Still Have Swelling 7 Months After a Smartlipo Fibrosis Touch Up? (photo)

I had a touch up under my bellybutton to break up some fibrosis that occurred when I first got smartlipo, its been close to 7 months now, and the... READ MORE

Smartlipo Touchup Lumps 6 Weeks After, Do I Need Another Touchup or is Something Else Wrong? (photo)

I had a smartlipo touchup done on my stomach around my bellybutton for a small lump I had from the last time, doctor said it was some fibrosis. It is... READ MORE

Which is Better for Touching up the Abs and Flanks, Cool Lipo or Smart Lipo?

Hello! I had smart lipo on my upper and lower abdomen and flanks. I am 7 months out, but I have a small lump on my left side. It looks like a pocket... READ MORE

Smart lipo revisions. Would I be expected to pay again?

My first smart lipo procedure on my thighs/banana roll a year ago Oct 2013. 6 months later It was uneven. my doctor said there was still fat on the... READ MORE

Can I get more fat removed from my waist when doc is doing my touch up, or is it dangerous?

Im going to have a touch up after having smart liposuction is been 4 months and my stomach is still lumpy doc says he can fix this Im scared thinking... READ MORE

How to fix contour irregularities on the inner thighs? Should I do a touch up? (Photo)

Its been 11 weeks after the operation of SmarLipo on lower abdominal and inner thighs. I add before pic, and the pic in the day of operation with the... READ MORE

Touch up needed? (Photo)

I have had smart lipo about one year ago. By March of this year, I felt and looked great. But now, I feel like fat has accumulated again on my abdomen... READ MORE

Do you suppose to re-laser a touch-up after removing more fat?

I had a touch-up a week ago and I notice the doctor not using the laser this time. I had my area around my navel upper/lower abs retouched, which... READ MORE

I'd like a second lipo but smart lipo this time. Traditional was brutal. Is this ok?

I had a bbl 2 1/2 years ago. As you know with that comes lipo. My doctor used traditional lipo to shape me and of course made my new boody. Now I need... READ MORE

Touch up or try SculpSure? (PhtoO)

I had Smart Lipo on my inner thighs last month. There is ZERO CHANGE. I'm no longer swollen & when measured, my thigh circumference is exactly the... READ MORE

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