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Exercise Affecting Smart Lipo Results?

It's been 7.5 weeks since my smart lipo and I barely see results. Right after my smart lipo procedure (abdomen) I was swollen for about 2 wks. It went... READ MORE

How Swollen Am I Really After Smart Lipo?

I had my abs done on Thursday, three days ago, and feel extremely swollen. The only discoloration however, is in my pelvic area. My tummy is certainly... READ MORE

3 weeks post op smart lipo skin looks horrible. (Photo)

I had smart lipo on my lower abs waist and back. I had stretch marks before that were tolerable but since my lipo they appear swollen and bulging will... READ MORE

Ive Had Smart Lipo on my Abdomen 4 Months Ago, Im Still Very Sore and Swollen is This Normal?

I am very upset its like Ive never had any surgery at all... Im frustrated, and scared ,. I spent over $9000 . Im so swollen and tender still.. My dr... READ MORE

Smartlipo triplex still swollen after 3 months? (photo)

I had smartlipo (triplex) high definition performed 11 weeks ago on my chest, upper/lower abs and flanks. I'm starting to get very worried because it... READ MORE

Smart Lipo Knee Surgery stiffness?

Will the knees feel stiff after Smart Lipo? Will it be very difficult to walk around after the procedure? READ MORE

Is there an average amount of cc's removed on under chin Lipo?

Is there an average amount of cc's removed on under chin Lipo? If so what is it cause I had Smart lipo under the chin five days ago and I think I am... READ MORE

I'm 10 weeks post abdominal smart lipo. Will I lose any more fat? (Photo)

Hi, i had smart lipo done in Jan 27th, 10 weeks ago, I feel like my belly looks the same, but more firmer, do it look like my abdominal still swollen?... READ MORE

How many lb are in 2000 cc ??

I had smart lipo on my inner thighs and lower abdomen and 2000 cc of fat were removed how many pounds is that ? Before surgery I was 144 I'm still... READ MORE

Hard Swollen Side After Smartlipo? (photo)

I had smartlipo on May 31st & my left upper has been extremely swollen & feels like a hard rock. When I went in for my 2 week post op she... READ MORE

Not Enough Fat Taken from my Tummy After Smartlipo??

I'm getting married in 2 weeks and decided to do a smartlipo.I didn't have much fat to be taken so the doctor agreed on doing it.I did my upper &... READ MORE

Severe internal burns from smart lipo 2 years ago? He was not a licensed plastic surgeon which I learned the hard way.

Im not even sure there is an answer to my question :-( He burned all of my insides, inner thigh, outer thigh and knees. Plus burned a hole right... READ MORE

I Just Had a Mini Tummy Tuck and Hip/flank UAL (Ultrasonic) Lipo?

I went to a highly respected cosmetic surgeon. The tuck waS well done and tight. With the lipo on my left side, no bruising or swelling. On my right... READ MORE

Still slightly sore to touch and possiby swollen 5 months post Smart-Lipo to Inner/outer thighs .

I was very fit and lean when the procedure took place, wanted to get rid of small but stubborn saddlebags. Only aobut 1 1/4 liters were removed... READ MORE

I had smartlipo to neck/chin 10/18/13. My glands are still swollen and sore. What can I do to help get the swelling down?

I am still wearing my garment at night. I have swelling in the parotid and submandibular glands. READ MORE

Do I have a seroma?

Hi I had smart lipo on Wednesday. I can feel the fluid under my skin swishing around and moves in the direction of movement. If I lay on my back I can... READ MORE

I just had my chin and jowls done with lipo smart.

How long will it take to see results on jowls as they are very swollen now READ MORE

I had smartlipo bi-lateral on my outer thighs on March 12th (3 weeks ago). Concerned about no improvement. Any opinions? (photo)

I had smartlipo bi-lateral on my outer thighs 3 weeks ago. I had lumpy fat and wanted it removed. I was hoping the surgery would help this issue.(not... READ MORE

Very Swollen and Lumpy Pubic area and Belly Button area after 10 days of lower and upper abs smart lipo?

It is 10 days after lower and upper ab smartlipo and my pubic area is lumpy and swollen almost looks saggy and area around my bellybutton hard, sore,... READ MORE

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