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How Much Skin Tightening from Smart Lipo?

I'm 48 years old, 5' 2" tall, and weigh about 127. I currently have a small amount of loose skin and not a lot of fat. I have a lot of muscle, am... READ MORE

Will Smart Lipo Tighten Skin Post Pregnancy?

I have had two very big babies and stretched out my tummy skin. I don't have any stretch marks, just loose skin and a pooch. Will smart lipo work to... READ MORE

Smart Lipo Vs Mini Tummy Tuck for Slimming Torso?

GEEZ Plastic surgeons vs Dermotoligists vs Cosmetic surgeons. Can someone plese be straight? For the good of the good ole patient. I am looking to... READ MORE

Smart Lipo for Minimal Tightening of Loose Skin on Belly Button?

Skin tightening needed around belly button but does NOT warrant Tummy Tuck. I have done lots of research regarding how I can tighten a small amount of... READ MORE

What Happens to Stretched Skin Once Fat is Liposuctioned?

Does the stretch skin go back to normal after liposuction or smartlipo READ MORE

How Long for the Upper and Lower Abs Skin to Look Smooth After Smart Lipo?

I had smart liposuction performed on my upper and lower abs threes weeks ago. My stomach is flatter but the skin appears irregular with lumps, bumps... READ MORE

Correcting Sagging Skin and Lumps from Smart Lipo?

I had Smart Lipo on my face over a year ago. It caused lines, a lump, and sagging skin on my neck, so my face is fine, but now my neck looks bad.... READ MORE

Smart Lipo and Umbilicoplasty Instead of a Tummy Tuck?

I do NOT want a Tummy Tuck. I don't scar well and I personally would be as unhappy with a hip-to-hip scar as I am now with my stomach. So, can I... READ MORE

What Happens to the Skin After Smart Lipo?

What happens to the skin after the treatment, is it loose? Thank you. READ MORE

What to Do About Skin Discoloration After Smart Lipo?

I had smart lipo done 8 weeks ago to the saddle bags - outer thighs - and I still have discolored skin. The skin is darker (I am caucasian) in the... READ MORE

Smart Lipo for Loose Skin and Stretch Marks?

I am small framed and had two large babies 9 lbs, after birth. My stomach is flat but just loose skin and stretch marks. Is Smart Lipo the answer? I... READ MORE

Will Exercising Help Tighten Skin Before Smart Lipo/Vaser Lipo

If I continue to work out alot at least six weeks before Smart Lipo MPX/Vaser liposuction combo and do lots of ab exercises, will that help my chances... READ MORE

Smart Lipo Vs Traditional Liposuction for Losing Inches and Tightening Skin

Which between Smart Lipo and traditional Liposuction is better for reducing inches and getting tight skin? Thanks. READ MORE

Smart Lipo or Vaser Lipo for Loose Underarm Skin?

I have loose skin on my underarms. Which procedure is best for me, Smart Lipo or Vaser Liposuction? Which is safer? Are there any other treatments... READ MORE

Which Procedure Would Be Best for Me, Smart Lipo or a Tummy Tuck?

I am a 22yr. female. I have had 2 c-sections and have also had 3 major surgeries on my spine from fracturing it. During the first procedure on my... READ MORE

Weight Playing an Important Factor in Smart Lipo or Liposuction?

I am interesting in getting my arms and back done. I weigh 235 lbs, I am down from 320 lbs. I am 31 years old and skin is healthy. I wanted to know,... READ MORE

Is Smart Lipo FDA Approved for Skin Tightening?

I know that Smart Lipo (not Smart Lipo MPX) has been FDA-approved for certain things. Has it actually been FDA approved for skin tightening? READ MORE

Will Smart Lipo Tighten Skin After Having Had Laser for Stretchmark?

Since 2006, I have had 2 children. I have stretch marks on my stomach and have had Laser treatment on these with a small improvement. I'm 5' 6" and... READ MORE

Is Smart Lipo Good for Asian Skin? I Heard It'll Leave Burn Marks

I recently went to see a doctor for Smart Lipo. His name is Dr L. He told me that Smart Lipo will leave burn marks on Asian Skin, so he wouldn't... READ MORE

Smart Lipo for Facial Skin Tightening?

I am a 56 years old, non-smoker, non-drinker, with active lifestyle, and under no medication. The texture of my skin is good, as I've been told by a... READ MORE

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