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Terrible Itching After Smart Lipo

I am now 4 days post-Smart Lipo. Why is the itching so bad? Is it something internal or just the garments? READ MORE

How Much Bruising and Swelling Does Smart Lipo Cause?

I assume smart lipo requires lots of downtime to recover.  no swimsuits for a few months READ MORE

Do the Bumps from Smart Lipo Go Away?

I had smart lipo abut a month ago and I have one fairly large hard bump on my lower abdomen. I was wondering if anyone else had something similar and... READ MORE

How Often Do Smart Lipo Side Effects Occur?

My friend got regular Liposuction done a year ago and her tummy ended up terribly bumpy, hard and uneven. Then, she went for smart lipo six months ago... READ MORE

Smart Lipo - How Can I Reverse the Side Effects?

I had my hips and pubic area done july 2008 and have had many complications post op. Because of all the swelling and skin loss in the pubic area after... READ MORE

How Long Will Smart Lipo Pain Last?

I had smart lipo on my chin, abs and back flanks over a week ago and had hardly any bruising. However, I have a deep soreness in my abs and back. I... READ MORE

Treatments to Correct Bad Smart Lipo Results?

I had Smart Lipo done 3 month ago. I had bad infection (Staphylococcus Epidermis) after the procedure. My stomach looks terrible and I can’t... READ MORE

SmartLipo Nerve Damage Recovery?

I had SmartLipo under my chin, and the dr. hit a nerve, leaving me with paralysis on the left side of my mouth. I am now 10 weeks out, and I still... READ MORE

Smart Lipo on Abs and Waist. Will It Cause Too Much Excess Skin?

How well does Smart Lipo work on the abdomen and waist areas?  After the procedure, should I expect a lot of excess skin that has to be cut away?... READ MORE

Long-term Smart Lipo Risks?

Could Smart Lipo have some long term risks (e.g. Cancer..) that we are not yet aware of? READ MORE

Why Did I Get Burned During SmartLipo Treatments?

I recently had Smart lipo on my lower abs and during the procedure, I heard the doctor tell the nurse there is a malfunction and I smelled burning... READ MORE

How Can I Fix the Permanent Lumps and Bruising from my Smart Lipo?

I was in great shape, thin and toned despite a little flab on my arms. I had Smart Lipo on my arms. I had Smart Lipo 7 months ago for my arms and... READ MORE

When Does the Bumpiness Go Away After Smart Lipo?

I Had smart lipo done on my outer thighs 3 months ago and i have alot of bumpiness, other than that i am extremely happy with it. I have not done any... READ MORE

Boil-like Bumps After SmartLipo

I had Smartlipo one month ago on my upper arms and armpits. About 2 weeks ago, I began to have either boils or pustules under one armpit only. It... READ MORE

Laser Smart Lipo Side Effects- Burning Sensation 1 Month Post Op.

I had laser smart lipo almost a month ago. I am still having a BURNING sensation all over my core area. I feel like my skin is raw and it hurts. I am... READ MORE

What to Do About Skin Discoloration After Smart Lipo?

I had smart lipo done 8 weeks ago to the saddle bags - outer thighs - and I still have discolored skin. The skin is darker (I am caucasian) in the... READ MORE

Exercising After Smart Lipo

I am 8 days after Smart Lipo on my upper and lower abdominals.  I have swelling etc. (as everyone else does). However, my doctor has instructed... READ MORE

How Are Smart Lipo Side Effects Avoided?

Iam considering having Smart Lipo in NY. I have read some disturbing accounts of lumps, bumps and ropiness afterward. Is this avoided by the skill of... READ MORE

Is Smart Lipo on Arms Safe for Patient Who Had Breast Cancer?

I had breast cancer 11 yrs ago; stage 1 NO node involvement; radiation and lumpectomy with node dissection (don't know how many removed). Had minor... READ MORE

Any Life-threatening Side Effects with Smart Lipo?

I am considering Smart Lipo for my abdomen. Is it worth the try? I would like to know if there has been any life threatening side effects regarding... READ MORE

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