Scarring + Smart Lipo

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Which Has Better Results and Less Scarring? LipoLite or SmartLipo?

I'm wondering if these are seperate procedures or they are just a "brand" of laser lipo. If there is a cost difference and which one is... READ MORE

How long before smart lipo incision scars disappear completely?

Three months post-op and the the incision scars which are approx 2 mm long are still very visible and a darker shade . I'm using Mederma, scar healing... READ MORE

A Horizantal Line Scar on my Right Leg After Lipo? (photo)

Hi, i had lipo 2 weeks ago and there is a horizantal line scar on my right hip. My doc told me that it is due to the lipo sticks. Do you think if it... READ MORE

Will This Scar Ever Go Away? (photo)

I recieved smart lipo 3 days ago and now am worried because i have a huge scar near my belly button which happend so be the area that was hurting... READ MORE

Belly Button Scarring After SmartLipo?

Hi, I had SmartLipo done two years ago on the upper ab area. Naturally the doctor went through the belly button and I developed hard scarring on the... READ MORE

Is 8 weeks after smart lipo enough time to heal before having a revision? (photos)

My Dr. has agreed to do a revision on my smart lipo that I had done on July 26 on Sept. 20 b/c there are still areas that more fat should have been... READ MORE

Do Smart Lipo Incisions ever go away, and is normal for it to look this way? (photos)

I got smart lipo Jan 30th 2015 and I still have the incisions. I was wondering if they ever go away and is it normal to be 10months in and for it to... READ MORE

When can you expose incision sites from smart lipo/cellulaze to the sun?

I was told to apply bandaids when in the sun to the incision sites to avoid permanent scarring. Is this true and if so, for how long? I don't lay in... READ MORE

Huge hard lumps and indents all over my thighs after Dr. Ayoubi Smart Lipo MPX... (photo)

I had Lipo MPX done at Dr. Ayoubi at 01 Harley street. I thought it was a reputable place based on the location in London. It was one of the worst... READ MORE

Will my smartlipo scars fade away? Which scar cream would you recommend me to use? (Photo)

I'm emotionally drained. After my 2nd pregnancy I decided to get smartlipo on my upper & lower abdomen and upper and lower back. It's been about 6... READ MORE

Is a tummy tuck absolutely necessary or is lipo/Smart Lipo an option for me? (Photos)

I am a 32 y/o female. I have two children 13 & 2. My body is def not bouncing back. I started working out 3x a week and changed my eating. My... READ MORE

How to treat the scarring after a seroma has being drained? (photo)

I had a small seroma above my belly button after smart lipo which was drained until it dried But now I'm left with some lumps. I'm 3 months post op.... READ MORE

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