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When Will Smart Lipo Scars Start Fading?

After getting Smart Lipo, I'm wondering, how long before the scars from the incisions start to fade? Are they permanent? READ MORE

Abdomen Puncture Scars for Smart Lipo - Will They Go Away? (5mm Diameter Each)

I am 6 months after surgery. The doctor went into the abdomen through four punctures above the panty line. He removed 200 cc with smart lipo. I have 4... READ MORE

Does SmartLipo Cause Any Scarring?

Interested in smartlipo laser surgery but worried about scars READ MORE

Smart Lipo Better Than Tummy Tuck for Post Baby Belly?

I run 3-4 times a week and lift weights regularly, but I am unable to lose some of the fat from my pregnancy on my stomach. I also have some scar... READ MORE

Is Smart Lipo Recommended for Weight Loss Patient?

I am an active and fit 34 year old mum of 2. 20 years ago I lost 90lbs and except for my two pregnancies - I have managed through diet and exercise to... READ MORE

Smart Lipo and Umbilicoplasty Instead of a Tummy Tuck?

I do NOT want a Tummy Tuck. I don't scar well and I personally would be as unhappy with a hip-to-hip scar as I am now with my stomach. So, can I... READ MORE

I'm Worried About the Scarring from Smart Lipo - How Large Are the Incisions, How Many?

I think I would benefit from Smart Lipo - I'm 125, 5'7, but just have this "back fat" that won't go away, no matter what. I... READ MORE

Scars and Indentations After Smart Lipo

Loved the answers re: 5yrs later scars and indentations after smart lipo to my chin causing burns and uneven chin line. Had facelift 1yr prior and was... READ MORE

Uneven 2 Years After Smart Lipo on Chin

I have smart lipo to my chin area 2yrs ago and got burns on both entry areas that had to be debrided and left scars and dents. Now I look like I have... READ MORE

Can You Fix Indentions and Scars from Smartlipo on the Face

7 months ago i went to see a Dr about removing some fat due to chubby cheeks. He suggested smartlipo over microlipo as he is one of the best in the... READ MORE

Smartlipo Disaster. Have Dents and a Long Thin Scar?

After Smartlipo my thighs are a mess. I have huge dents at the top of both outer thigh and inner thigh. My legs look ridiculous. I also have a long... READ MORE

Im a 29 year old woman with 2 kids, 5'2",150 lbs. who scars easily. MDX (MPX) or Tummy Tuck? Lift or small implant? (photos)

Im a 29 year old woman with 2 children. I'm 5'2" approximately 150. I want surgery to look like the young woman that I am. However, I scar easily and... READ MORE

22 yr old. Would Smart Lipo help me to regain flatness after C Section? (Photo)

The incision from the c section is rising on one side. which cause for the right side to be flat and the left side is fluffy. I'm looking to regain... READ MORE

Smart Lipo Scars - Tender and Oozing 7 Months Post-op?

I Had Smart Lip 7 Months Ago. I Am Having Problems with my Scars Healing. My scar had healed, then started to get tender and oozed liquid. READ MORE

What Can I Use to Put on an Old C Section Scar Now That I Have Had Smart Lipo.?

I had s.lipo thursday. My c section scar is irreitated and breaking open. Can I put anything on that area without the risk of getting an infection? I... READ MORE

How to fix this? Inner & outer thigh Smart Lipo disaster. Will inner thigh lift fix it completely? Where would scars be? (Photo)

The dr that did this says I just need skin toghtening treatments, I know that won't fix that my upper thigh looks like part of a deformed butt. I can... READ MORE

About smart lipo/cavitation and radiation absorption. Is it safe?

I am thinking about getting a smart lipo or ultrasound cavitation.Which is better between those two? I know that both procedures use RF radiation at... READ MORE

Lipo Near Scar From Galbladder Removal Surgery, 5 years PO? (Photo)

I had a tummy tuck 2 years ago which I loved the surgeon told me he could not do the tuck anywhere near that area that it was dangerous which is fine... READ MORE

41 year old. Would Smart Lipo help me regain flatness after 3 C-Sections? (photos)

I had 3 C-Sections. Exercise and diet have restored most of my shape. Would Smart Lipo help flatten the ridge of fat above the C-section scar? READ MORE

Lumpy, Fatty Skin After Smart Lipo

I had Smart Lipo done on my lower outerthigh but since I had a raspberry scar that never healed from softball, I was left with a lumpy, fatty skin.It... READ MORE

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