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Skin Tightening for Saggy Knees

I have loose skin at my knees. My legs have always been my best feature and now that is going south too! I would love to find a procedure that could... READ MORE

Is Roll of Fat Above Belly Button Normal After Smart Lipo?

I had Smart Lipo done on my abs over 2 weeks ago and now have this ridge above my belly button that looks like a roll of fat accompanied by sagging... READ MORE

2 Months Post Smart Lipo: When is it Safe to Have a Revision?

I had smartlipo 2 months ago. I wore the band for 3 days straight and then for 3 weeks at night. I do not wear it anymore. At first I was happy with... READ MORE

Correcting Sagging Skin and Lumps from Smart Lipo?

I had Smart Lipo on my face over a year ago. It caused lines, a lump, and sagging skin on my neck, so my face is fine, but now my neck looks bad.... READ MORE

Will my Jawline and Chin Sagging Worsen After Smart Lipo?

I am scheduled to have Smart Lipo along my jaw line and under my chin. I am very thin and do not need to have fat removed. The elasticity of my skin... READ MORE

Smart Lipo for Sagging Skin Along the Bikini Line?

After the child birth my tummy got saggy and ugly stretched marks bellow the belly button.I do work out and rest of the body is in good shape but I... READ MORE

Arm Skin Did Not Tighten After Smart Lipo and Ultrasonic Lipo

In 2007, I had External Ultrasonic Liposuction with Smart Laser on my upper arms to reduce the overall size and make them more in proportion to my... READ MORE

Traditional lipo, Smart Lipo or Cool Sculpting- which is better for arms?

I am 35 yrs old and have always had undefined arms with a tinge of "wing fat". As I'm getting older I'm noticing the skin sagging a lil bit more and... READ MORE

Will Not Wearing Compression Garment Cause Loose Sagging Skin After Smart Lipo?

Hi, I am a 33 year old woman, 120 lbs. 2 wks ago I had smartlipo to my neck. My surgeon also performed CO2 laser to the inside of my neck to tighten... READ MORE

Is Smart Lipo on Arms Safe for Patient Who Had Breast Cancer?

I had breast cancer 11 yrs ago; stage 1 NO node involvement; radiation and lumpectomy with node dissection (don't know how many removed). Had minor... READ MORE

Smart Lipo Good for Saggy Arms?

I've been thinking of getting Smart Lipo on my arms. I had gastric bypass two years ago and was told this would get rid of my "wings". Is... READ MORE

Smart Lipo for Minor Jowling?

A friend of mine was considering Smart Lipo for slight jowling. She said it can be done with local anesthetic. Is this something that would soften my... READ MORE

Smart Lipo or Cool Lipo for Sagging Lower Stomach?

I am 61 years old. Will Smart Lipo or Cool Lipo work for sagging lower stomach (apron), or will they not work at all to pull the skin tight? READ MORE

Smart Lipo to Fix Sagging After Liposuction?

I had traditional Liposuction performed about 10 years ago. I was happy with most of the results except I was left with a saggy area just under where... READ MORE

Smartlipo Results - Sagging and Lack of Muscle Definition?

I had Smart Lipo done on my upper/lower abs and flanks. Before surgery I was 5'8/170pd. During the procedure the dr. said they had to break... READ MORE

Weight Playing an Important Factor in Smart Lipo or Liposuction?

I am interesting in getting my arms and back done. I weigh 235 lbs, I am down from 320 lbs. I am 31 years old and skin is healthy. I wanted to know,... READ MORE

How to Tighten Loose Skin on Neck 2 yrs After Smartlipo?

I am 42 years old and had Smartlipo on my chin/neck area 2 years ago. I am left with sagging skin under chin area on neck, not jowls. What can be done... READ MORE

Smart Lipo for Facial Skin Tightening?

I am a 56 years old, non-smoker, non-drinker, with active lifestyle, and under no medication. The texture of my skin is good, as I've been told by a... READ MORE

Smartlipo Ruined my Figure?

I would like some transparency on this issue that does not involve the typical response: Lipo is not an excuse to pig out and not exercise. I had... READ MORE

Considering smart lipo. Pros? Con? Advice on what smart lipo procedure would be best for me. [Photo]

I'm 21 with one kid. Since my pregnancy my body has changed tremendously. I'm 5ft 5in, My current weight Being 185 lb. I received a C-section so I... READ MORE

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