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How Often Do Smart Lipo Side Effects Occur?

My friend got regular Liposuction done a year ago and her tummy ended up terribly bumpy, hard and uneven. Then, she went for smart lipo six months ago... READ MORE

Can Smart Lipo Be Done in Same Areas Again?

I had Smart Lipo a year ago (inner/outer thighs, knees, flanks, lower abdomen). I wasn’t content (one leg bigger) with the results. I went for... READ MORE

Brain-dead from Laser Lipo Under Local Anesthesia?

This question is for doctors who perform Smart Lipo or liposuction using local anesthesia: I read about a 37-year-old woman who went brain-dead after... READ MORE

Does SmartLipo Cause Cancer?

Does anyone know if SmartLipo causes cancer? READ MORE

SmartLipo Burn - What Should I Do?

I had smartlipo laser lipo and now believe i may have 2nd or third degree burns. Is this normal??? the problem is the area. it is all over my pubic... READ MORE

Long-term Smart Lipo Risks?

Could Smart Lipo have some long term risks (e.g. Cancer..) that we are not yet aware of? READ MORE

How Can Smart Lipo Tighten Skin?

I am considering Liposuction after having twins. I have a large fold with some stretch marks on my lower abs. My lower abs have always been a big... READ MORE

Spray Tan OK 1 Month After Smart Lipo?

I am 4 1/2 weeks post op from smart lipo procedure on my saddlebag and banana roll area. Incisions are all healed and have some swelling. Is it ok to... READ MORE

Is the Risk of Lumping Greater the More Fat You Have Removed?

I'm considering having smart lipo on my love handles and abs but i'm really afraid of the lumping people are complaining about. I'm pretty... READ MORE

Fat Embolism Risks with Smart Lipo

I am getting local anesthesia which should reduce some risks but what, if anything, can be done to reduce fat embolism risk? This board certified Dr.... READ MORE

Anti-depressants and Lidocaine- Urgent Question

I am getting smartlipo tomorrow and I am being treated for depression/anxiety with zoloft, wellbutrin and xanax as needed  The doctor told me to... READ MORE

SmartLipo - Is It Safe to Get SmartLipo Treatments on Back-to-back Days?

My friend will have 7 areas done and the dr. wont do it in 1 day. He suggest do 4 areas and the very next day the other 3 so she can recover from both... READ MORE

Avoiding Bad Reactions from Smart Lipo Anesthesia and Tumescent Fluid?

If you have an allergic reaction to the tumescent fluid during Smart Lipo, is there anything the doctor can do to reverse the reaction before it... READ MORE

How soon can you fly after Smart Lipo?

2-3 hour flight. How soon is safe to take it after a smart lipo procedure? Can you fly day after? Few days after? Day of? What are the risks READ MORE

If I Have Only Been on Accutane 3 Weeks, Can I Have Laser Liposuction?

I want to have smartlipo on my outer thighs, but am on Accutane. I have only been on it 17 days and was wondering if I could get the surgery within... READ MORE

Are You at a Higher Risk for Stretch Marks After Smartlipo if You Get Pregnant (Again)?

I am getting my lower abs done next week. I have a "pooch" from my college days. I have 1 beautiful baby and want another... READ MORE

How Long Do I Have to Wait to Have a Smartlipo Touch Up Second Procedure?

How long should a person wait to have a "touch up" or second procedure done on the exact same area? I need more fat removed and also small... READ MORE

Any Risks of Repeat Smart Lipo?

I have scheduled a repeat procedure in 2 weeks as I did not see any significant improvement after the first treatment. I am very nervous as the first... READ MORE

Is Smart Lipo Safe for Patients with Titanium Implants?

I am considering Smart Lipo. Can it be performed on people with titanium implants? I have titanium rods and bolts in my lower back spine area. I'm... READ MORE

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