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Anything I Can Eat or Drink to Reduce Swelling After Smart Lipo?

Is there a specific drink or food I can take to help reduce extra water retention? It's been 8 weeks after surgery, but I'm still a little puffy and... READ MORE

Fat Embolism Risks with Smart Lipo

I am getting local anesthesia which should reduce some risks but what, if anything, can be done to reduce fat embolism risk? This board certified Dr.... READ MORE

How to reduce fullness under chin and improve neck/jawline contour? (PhtoO)

I'm a 25 year old fit male but I have fullness under my chin that has gotten worse over time. Ideally, I'd like to find a minimally invasive solution... READ MORE

Smart Lipo Indentation, how to reduce? (Photo)

2015 1 month post Hi I'm exactly one month post op my laser assisted lipo procedure (Trisculpt) and I've been noticing some indentation on my upper... READ MORE

3 months post abdominal Smart Lipo and belly is still big. Is this normal? (photo)

I am at the 3month point all hardness is gone and my belly is gushy. Experiencing no skin tightness. I am 38 with tight skin Everywhere else, exercise... READ MORE

When will I fit into my clothes again? (Photo)

I had Smartlipo 12 days ago and I am healing well, and the bruises are disappearing nicely, my only concern is , although I don't visably look... READ MORE

Doctor wants $1000 more to include the laser as part of the liposuction. Is it worth it?

I'm 44 with size 40 DDD & DD. I am considering breast liposuction. I understand this is just to reduce volume. My dr wants $1000 more to use the... READ MORE

Fat above belly button and arms after a TT and arm lift, will Smart Lipo help or make matters worse?

I had an arm lift and tummy tuck in January 2016. My surgeon didn't feel it necessary to do lipo on either areas or any muscle tightening. I am left... READ MORE

Smart lipo laser on batwings? (photo)

Well i know brachioplasty is the best way to go but my job won't give me to much time off work i want to reduce the size of my arms so im able to wear... READ MORE

Will my saddlebags reduce further? (6 Weeks post Smart Lipo). (photos)

I had Smartlipo 6 weeks ago to the circumferential thighs and saddlebags. I can a noticeable difference to parts of my thighs but the saddlebags still... READ MORE

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