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Had Smart Lip-no Results After 3 Months. Doc Said He Cannot Explain Why?

I had smart lipo 3 months ago. I went to my follow up and the doc said there were no results. Maybe a half inch. I had my upper lower stomach and... READ MORE

How Long Before Swelling/firmness Decrease After Smart Lipo?

I had abdominal smart lipo performed 6 weeks ago and am still experiencing lots of swelling. I wore my compression garment for the first 4 weeks post... READ MORE

Can You Perform Smart Lipo of Abdomen Through Belly Button?

I dont understand why most doctors do not enter through the belly button. I can imagine that it would prevet the scarring? Can someone explain. READ MORE

4 Months After Smart Lipo and No Results?

March 1, I had smart lipo done on my flanks, back, upper and lower abdomen. Is it something i'm not doing because I still do not see ANY results?... READ MORE

What is Going on with my Smart Lipo Results? They Are Reversing.

Smartlipo of the upper/lower abs & flanks.First 2days - noticable swelling. After it subsided to being unoticable. I never did bruise. 1 wk &... READ MORE

Did I Waste my Money? It's Been Over 1 Month Since I Did Smart Lipo and I See No Results? (photo)

Ok I see no sign of my stomach getting smaller. I had smart lipo done to my flanks and upper and lower part of my stomach and it looks like it look... READ MORE

I Had Smart Lipo on my Upper and Lower Abs Twice. The Fat Came Back in That Same Area. What Went Wrong?

I want flat abs and smart lipo was done twice on me within a two year period. Once the swelling went done the fat was still on my abs. I worked and... READ MORE

Hardness After Smart-lipo?

I had smart lipo on my inner and outer thighs 2 weeks ago. Some areas, feel harder than others. I still have some bruising though the areas that are... READ MORE

I Can't Stop Gaining Weight Since I've Had Smart Lipo Almost 4 Weeks Ago?

I had smartlipo on my thighs 4 weeks ago. The surgeon said he removed 250cc on each thigh. I weighed 64kg the morning before the operation (which was... READ MORE

I Had Smart Lipo 3 Months Ago. I Was Smaller a Month Ago, What Happened? Yes I Exercise and Diet.

I had smart/vaser lipo on April 25th, my first procedure--abdomen and waist, followed by 2 more weekly produces, chin, arms, inner thighs, lower butt,... READ MORE

Excessive Swelling of Feet, Ankles Legs/thighs

Had smart lipo done over 1 yr ago... Still have excessive swelling of feet, ankles and thighs to the point I can't bend down to squat (hard to get up... READ MORE

Why No Published Studies?

I asked a question about the lack of transparency concerning smart lipo and a Dr. responded in a way that was exactly what I did not want. I am not... READ MORE

Why does Lipo burn? (Photo)

I've had smartlipo done on me here in the U.S. and I didn't have Lipo burns. Unfortunately the procedure was only done on my lower abs because the... READ MORE

Why am I gaining more weight since after the surgery?

I had smartlipo one week ago. I feel like I ballooned up 9 lbs which is what I now weigh from my original weight of 127lbs at 5'5". I am now at 135/6.... READ MORE

Why is my whole torso hard after lipo? Is it fibrosis?

I am 11 days post op lipo and bbl. my concern is my whole torso feels hard, as if I am wearing a very stiff corset even when I'm nude. And when I... READ MORE

Stomach feels extremely hard. When should I start to feel better? (Photo)

I had a smart lipo done 13 days ago and my stomach feels so tight which causes some pain... Why does my stomach feels so tight? Also my back is... READ MORE

Why has the swelling and lumpiness not subsided yet 3 months after Smart Lipo Triplex?

Its been 3 months i had smart lipotriplex on my chin under lower lip( a small area). Initial swelling healed fast in first week after procedure. But... READ MORE

I had liposuction in the inner knee, upper thigh and the bra areas in November 2014. There are no changes at all (Photo)

I am 50 years old and I had liposuction with laser "smart lipo" in the inner knee, upper thigh, and the bra areas on November 18, 2014. I am extremely... READ MORE

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