Pregnancy + Smart Lipo

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Is SmartLipo Safe for Women Who Still Want to Have Children?

I am 27 years old and have not yet any children. However, I am thinking about having smartlipo done but was wondering what the implications were if I... READ MORE

How Long After Pregnancy Should I Wait to Have Smart Lipo Done?

I gave birth to my first baby 2 1/2 months ago via C-Section, and I want to get rid of love handles. Is it too soon for me to get Smart Lipo yet? READ MORE

Smart Lipo Before Pregnancy: What Will Happen to Skin?

I want to have Smart :ipo to get rid of the love handles, but I may want to have another child in 2 or 3 years. What will happen to my skin if I get... READ MORE

Is Smart Lipo Recommended for Weight Loss Patient?

I am an active and fit 34 year old mum of 2. 20 years ago I lost 90lbs and except for my two pregnancies - I have managed through diet and exercise to... READ MORE

Pregnancy After Smart Lipo?

I want to know, how long after Smart Lipo is it safe to get pregnant? READ MORE

Advisable to Have Smart Lipo and Kids Later?

Is it safe or a good idea to get Smart Lipo if I plan to maybe have kids in the next 5-10 years? I know that if I become pregnant I will still... READ MORE

Is SmartLipo Suitable for Women Who Have Not Yet Had Children but Plan To?

Hi there, I am 27 and have not yet had children. I wanted to know if the procedure was suitable for me if a plan to have children in the future. ... READ MORE

Will I Re-gain Weight in my Stomach if I Get Pregnant After Having Smart Lipo on my Abs?

I'm nervous about getting pregnat after spending all this money on Smart lipo to my upper and lower abs? Will it go back after having a baby? READ MORE

Pregnancy After Non-invasive Liposuction?

I am considering non-invasive Liposuction but what happens if I get pregnant again?I already have 3 children but we are undecided if we want anymore. ... READ MORE

Are You at a Higher Risk for Stretch Marks After Smartlipo if You Get Pregnant (Again)?

I am getting my lower abs done next week. I have a "pooch" from my college days. I have 1 beautiful baby and want another... READ MORE

Having Babies After Smart Lipo?

Can one have a baby after Smart Lipo? Or should one only have it done if she isn't planning on having any more babies? READ MORE

Do I need a tummy tuck just because I have been pregnant and may want more kids, or can I get smartlipo now? (photo)

I have wanted liposuction for a long time. Even at my thinnest (168), my thighs still touched and I had a "donut" of fat around my belly button. Now... READ MORE

In early part of first trimester. Want to have Smart Lipo.

Is it safe for fetus? Max lidocaine in tumescent fluid is 50mg/kg. Other ingredients-Bicarb, epi, kenalog READ MORE

What is considered the ideal patient for smart lipo? (photos)

I'm a fairly active individual , 32 and never had children. I have problem areas that seem to just not want to cooperate no matter how often I hit the... READ MORE

Should I put smartlipo for abs on hold until having babies?

I have one kid and probably will have another one in a few years ( haven't decided yet). I heard SmartLipo will mess up my abs if I later want to be... READ MORE

Will Smart Lipo on abdomen area, effect future pregnancies?

I would like to have smart lipo on my entire abdomen area. I haven't had any kids yet. I'm not pregnant at this time. If I get smart lipo done on my... READ MORE

Smartlipo before pregnancy: is it worth it?

27 w/o kids. SmartLipo on upper and lower abd, flanks, and bra rolls. Since I've never been pregnant will having this procedure be a wise choice? With... READ MORE

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