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Are SmartLipo Results Permanent or Will Fat Cells Come Back?

With SmartLipo, if they suction out the fat cells, don;t the fat cells eventually grow back? And possibly somewhere else on your body? READ MORE

Permanent Damage from Smart Lipo

I have uneven areas, waviness and some bumpiness in my abdomen after smart-lipo (tumescent assisted) done in Dec 2008. While noticeable to my eye only... READ MORE

Will scar tissue go away or is there a chance that It will be permanent?

I got smart lipo 5 weeks ago and am still experiencing a lot of pain and swelling. I know swelling and hardness is normal but the pain is too much. I... READ MORE

Is there a long-term benefit to wearing the compression garment beyond 2 months after smart lipo?

Nine weeks ago, I had smart lipo to my knees, outer and inner thighs and banana roll. My weight is still 5-7 pounds above what it was pre-lipo even... READ MORE

Ropey Tissue and Strange Skin Re-attachment Two Weeks After Lipo

Two weeks after my Smartlipo, I have a 4 in. long, horizontal "rope" of tissue on my abdomen, about two inches beneath my breasts. Under this rope... READ MORE

Could my compression garment leave permanent dent/lumps on skin? Should I get a different one? (Photo)

I had smartlipo done three days ago and the garment has the zipper on the left side. It's not straight and it lumps up a lot. When I looked at my skin... READ MORE

Is There Anything That Can Be Done to Improve Skin Mottling from Smart Lipo?

I had Smartlipo a year ago on my flanks and now it seems I have permanent skin mottling. I am wondering if there is anything that can be done to... READ MORE

What are my best options for saddlebags: smartlipo vs traditional? Will it be permanent? Seeking a professional opinion. (photo)

I am 36 (weight 120, height 5"6) have had 3 children with 1 c-section. I've been active, eating healthy. I can see results everywhere except my... READ MORE

Face Droops After Smart Lipo on Neck

Had smart lipo of neck. When I smile, one side of my face droops. Is this likely to be permanent? READ MORE

Does Smart Lipo provide permanent results?

I am a 37 year old, very active male. I have reached a point where i believe smart lipo is the only to get rid of my abdominal "donut". My question... READ MORE

Smart Lipo scars are permanent. Is it possible to have the scar tissue removed surgically?

I've read suggestions about "aggressive" massage methods to remove lumps/scar tissue from Smart Lipo. After a year of weekly "G5" massages, Radio... READ MORE

Is the indention after Smart Lipo from the compression garment permanent?

I had neck and chin liposuction two months ago I wore my compression headband for 6 weeks as my ps instructed me to. I now have two indention's one on... READ MORE

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