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How Long Will It Take for the Numbness to Go Away After Smart Lipo? Will I Be Permanently Numb?

I just want an answer to this question so I can know what to expect for my healing process. I am a great healer and did very well for this surgery.... READ MORE

1 Week After Smart Lipo - I Am Covered in Bruises and Skin Feels Numb/Sore. Is This Normal?

I had Smart Lipo done last week on my banana rolls, lower abdomen and saddle bags. I had very little fat to remove, it was mostly done for sculpting... READ MORE

When Does Numbness and Bruising Go Away After Smart Lipo?

How should i treat the bruises so they'll go away quickly? they are yellow/green tones and red/blue tones. basically, all different stages.... READ MORE

Why Does Lower Abdomen Seem More Poofy Than Before?

Hi, I am 4 weeks post upper,lower abs & flanks smart lipo. My husband & I noticed yesterday my lower abdomen looked extremely bloated. Still... READ MORE

Swelling and Numbness After Chin and Neck Smart Lipo

I just had Smart Lipo done on my chin/neck area three days ago. I am still a bit swollen and numb. Is this normal? Can I get away without wearing the... READ MORE

Numbness and Super Sensitivity After Smart Lipo?

I had smart lipo on upper and lower abs 6 weeks ago the skin is still slightly numb but super sensitive to clothing moving across it. How long does it... READ MORE

Numbness and Itching After Smart Lipo Triplex on Forearm

I had smart lipo triplex touch up on my upper arms yesterday. Today, left arm is fine but the underneath side of my right forearm (lower arm)is numb... READ MORE

Smartlipo W/waterjet 1 Yr Ago and Have a 1" Lump Below my Bellybutton How to Get Rid of It

I got smartlipo w/waterjet 1 year ago and I have a 1" lump below my bellybutton under the skin that is numb and feels more dense, how can I get... READ MORE

How Long Will my Abdomen Stay Numb After Vaser/Smart Lipo?

My stomach is numb. It has been two weeks since procedure.will it go away? READ MORE

How Swollen Am I Really After Smart Lipo?

I had my abs done on Thursday, three days ago, and feel extremely swollen. The only discoloration however, is in my pelvic area. My tummy is certainly... READ MORE

Bumps and Nerve Damage After Smart Lipo

I had smartlipo performed a month ago on my upper/lower abs and love handles. Now I have small to medium sized lumps on my lower abs and although, I... READ MORE

Areola Numbness from Massaging Too Hard Post- Smart Lipo?

I am a male and had smartlipo on my chest two years ago. Afterwards two hard lumps developed under my nipples. The surgeon said it was hard fat that... READ MORE

6 weeks post op Smart Lipo, I have lumps and numbness on my flanks. Is this normal?

I had smart Lipo done on my hips and it's been 6 weeks since I had the procedure done. At this point I still feel numbess and I have lumps on both... READ MORE

Is it normal to feel numb after Smart Lipo?

I had smart Lipo done on my hips one week ago and I still feel very numb in those areas. Is that normal, if so for how long will I feel this numbness? READ MORE

When will the numbness in my skin subside and feel normal again after Smart Lipo?

I had smartlipo 3 days ago. I know the swelling is normal and will take time but how about the limp numbness of my skill. When will it feel normal again? READ MORE

Numb After Smart Lipo on Back?

When I lay down on my sides for a while my legs feel numb or heavy, is that normal? READ MORE

2 weeks post Smart Lipo, I have lumpy, wavy and same size stomach. Is this normal? (photos)

2 weeks ago i had smart lipo. Everything is normal and soft except 2 spots which havent changed since the surgery.One below my belly button is hard,... READ MORE

I'm going on my 9th month now post smart lipo to my chest and flanks.

I'm going on my 9th month now post smart lipo to my chest and flanks. So far my chest has been a great recovery but as for my flank area I still see... READ MORE

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