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Massaging Smart Lipo Lumps and Bumps

I had Smart Lipo done on my thighs a couple of weeks ago. I see that some of the doctors have mentioned that massage helps with the lumps and bumps.... READ MORE

How Soon After Smart Lipo Should You Start Massage?

Had Smart Lipo to abdominal area (top and bottom). When should I start massage? READ MORE

Can I Use a Foam Roller to Massage my Stomach After Smart Lipo Surgery?

I had Smart Lipo on my abdomen 2 weeks ago and I want to massage the area (though my doctor said I didn't have to). Can I lay on top of a foam roller... READ MORE

Could the Lump After Smart Lipo Be Expanding to Rib Area?

I had Smart Lipo (upper & lower abs) 5.5 weeks ago. 2 wks after surgery, I started noticing a lump to the left of my belly button. Since the... READ MORE

How to Massage Your Tummy After Smart Lipo?

I wanna massage my own or have my boyfriend do it for me after i get the lipo but how do you do it and whats good to buy for it? thanks! READ MORE

Advice for Smartlipo Bumps - Massage? Ultrasound?

Hi. i had smart lipo done about two weeks ago and everything seems to be healing fine, and i kow its still quite early and that im still a bit swollen... READ MORE

4 Months After Smartlipo Touch Up, Could It Be Swelling Still? (photo)

4 months after my smartlipo touch up below my bellybutton, (they broke up some fibrosis and did a small touch up) could it be swelling still? gets... READ MORE

Massage After Smart Lipo on Chin?

L had Smart Lipo to my chin 6 weeks ago. Unfortunately, l am unable to contact the doctor who carried out this procedure. Should I be massaging daily... READ MORE

Can Heat and Massage Reduce Hard Tissue After Smart Lipo?

I had Smart Lipo 3 weeks ago. I developed hardness around my umbilical area. I will like to know if is swelling or scar tissue? I was told by my... READ MORE

Is Massage or Ultrasound Necessary After Smart Lipo?

I am considering doing smartlipo in my inner and outer thights, and I have consulted two different doctors. One doc told me he will have triactive... READ MORE

How to receive the best results after Smart Lipo? Drainage and Massage? Why is drainage of fluid so important? (Photo)

I had smart lipo of the upper and lower abdomen and flanks done this morning. My main question is what is a faster way to drain the fluid? I have a... READ MORE

Lumpiness After Smartlipo, Will it Go Away? (photo)

I am a little over 10 weeks post Smartlipo. I have been seeing a therapist for lymphatic massages for a few weeks now. I have two visible hard lumps... READ MORE

Ropey Tissue and Strange Skin Re-attachment Two Weeks After Lipo

Two weeks after my Smartlipo, I have a 4 in. long, horizontal "rope" of tissue on my abdomen, about two inches beneath my breasts. Under this rope... READ MORE

Massage and FIT Bodywrap

I had Smart Lipo on my abdomen area 8 days ago. I am healing nicely and saw pretty immediate results. The bruising, swelling and pain are improving... READ MORE

3 weeks post op Smart Lipo, why are my abs getting bigger than before?

I'm a 30 y/o female (did upper and lower abs, front flanks, knees), 20 days post-op and the total fat (exclude fluids) taken out was like 1000cc, with... READ MORE

Areola Numbness from Massaging Too Hard Post- Smart Lipo?

I am a male and had smartlipo on my chest two years ago. Afterwards two hard lumps developed under my nipples. The surgeon said it was hard fat that... READ MORE

Will massaging a smart lipo treated area affect the final results or does it only speed up the healing process?

Hi! I had smartlipo of my outer thighs 2 wks ago. The initial inflammation and bruising is going away, only to be replaced by some hardness/lumps,... READ MORE

Are there any tips (pre or post diet, exercise, massage, or supplements) to assist in making SmartLipo more successful? (Photo)

I am aware that the outcome of the procedure solely rest on the quality of the doctor. I am strictly asking for tips if any that I should do prior or... READ MORE

It has been a little over 6 months since I had lipo and smartlipo done. I am not seeing great results, why is this?

I am a little disappointed by what I feel and see. It seems like I didn't have anything done. I sticking to my workout and healthy eating. I feel... READ MORE

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