Lymphatic Massage + Smart Lipo

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Benefit To Lymphatic Massage After Smart Lipo?

I had smart lipo on my abs and flanks friday the 9th. I have heard of people getting lymphatic massage done. Is there a bebefit to this? Just need a... READ MORE

Swelling Under Chin After Smart Lipo

I had Smart Lipo on my chin 4 weeks ago. 70 cc's of fat were removed. I now have a line of swelling under my chin where the fattest area used to be... READ MORE

11 weeks Post Smart Lipo to stomach, does this look normal. (photo)

After 11 weeks I still feel like I am in recovery. I am still wearing garment as my lumps hurt even more if unsupported. I have a stitch in my side... READ MORE

How Am I Supposed to Get Lymphatic Massages to Help with All of This Swelling if I Am Still in Pain and Sore?

Im a week and a few days out of smart lipo upper lower abdoment and waist. I am swollen, as expected , but how can I get these lymphatic massages if... READ MORE

Lymphatic Massage After Smartlipo?

I just had lymphatic massage and I'm worried she applied too much pressure so will this slow down my healing process? READ MORE

I had my procedure approx 12 days ago and see reviews that mention lymphatic massage. Still VERY tender. Too early? (Photo)

I notice that I have some hard "ropes" in both my upper abs and upper arms. My compression garment goes from my bust to hips, and the line is below... READ MORE

After two smart lipo procedures, I have fat that looks like it was never treated. Any suggestions?

I had smart lipo done a year ago on my flanks, abdomen, and back. Soon after the procedure, I noticed that the fat on my back remained. My doctor did... READ MORE

12 weeks post op~ What type of physician should I consult w to determine what's happening beneath the skin?!? (photo)

1000 cc's of fat removed from ea thigh was too much & led to poor results even after wearing compression for 22hrs a day for past 12 weeks, 12... READ MORE

Is lymphatic massage a necessity after Smart Lipo?

I had Smart Lipo of the inner and outer thighs two weeks ago and was told by the surgeon to start having lymphatic massages weeks 2-4. Is this... READ MORE

3 month post op SmartLipo lumps and indentation- are revisions or additional procedures needed to fix irregularities? (photos)

I've had the right indentation near my navel since 2nd week postop and smaller lumps on the left side. I've used lymphatic massage and ultra sound,... READ MORE

Lumpiness after smart lipo? - 7 days post op from smart Lipo on abdomen, flanks and bra roll. (photos)

I don't have much swelling or bruising but I see that I'm very lumpy below my belly button. I've had two lymphatic massages but they have not evened... READ MORE

Pre-op tricks for Smart Lipo on upper arms?

I'm having smart lipo done on my upper arms in 12 days. I've heard lymphatic massage is good for pre and post op healing. Any other tips or tricks?... READ MORE

Lymphatic Massages after Smart Lipo for faster results ?

How soon after smart Lipo should you start lymphatic massages and how many times week for better results? How soon can you start wearing an ab board... READ MORE

Smart Lipo on my stomach/flanks 2.5 weeks ago,have hard lumps that change shape on those areas. How do I get rid of this?

My dr built 5 sessions (total) trusculpting or laser skin tightening/smoothing treatment w/ procedure.Wore compression garment entire 2 weeks... READ MORE

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