Lower Abs + Smart Lipo

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6 Weeks After Smart Lipo - Huge Dent Between Upper and Lower Abs

I had smart lipo 6 weeks ago. i had 300 cc removed from abdomen and flanks. i have not gain any weight, but my stomach looks larger and unnatural.. i... READ MORE

How Long for the Upper and Lower Abs Skin to Look Smooth After Smart Lipo?

I had smart liposuction performed on my upper and lower abs threes weeks ago. My stomach is flatter but the skin appears irregular with lumps, bumps... READ MORE

Smart Lipo Fat Removal Amounts - Feel a Bit Cheated

Hi,I had this done less than a week ago so cannot see full results yet. The facts are these; I am 36 yr old female. 5 ft 4" tall 150lbs (bmi26)I... READ MORE

Swelling and Itching After Smart Lipo - Is This Normal?

I Has Lipo 3 1/2 Weeks Ago. I Think It is Called Smartlipo.  I had upper and lower abs, and waist done. I feel bigger and swollen and I itch like... READ MORE

Is IV Sedation Safer Than General Anesthesia During Smart Lipo MPX?

I am considering Smart Lipo MPX on my lower abs. I was reluctant to have Traditional Liposuction previously because I didn't want to have General... READ MORE

Where to Get Compression Garments for Smart Lipo Aftercare?

Hello! I will be having Smart Lipo done this coming Monday on my lower abs and flanks. I've been reading the reviews on this website and a lot of... READ MORE

How Can Smart Lipo Tighten Skin?

I am considering Liposuction after having twins. I have a large fold with some stretch marks on my lower abs. My lower abs have always been a big... READ MORE

Can I wear a waist training corset to give me a smaller waist? (photos)

Had smart lipo done on my lower abs a month ago and my upper abs a week ago. My question is can I wear a waist training corset (photo) to give me an... READ MORE

How much fat (in cc's) removed?

My doc told me that I had 4000 cc's of fat removed (that's fat, not fat plus lidocaine solution).  He measured it after it had separated... READ MORE

Vomiting After Smart Lipo

I just had my smart lipo on my upper and lower abs today got home around 330 i threw up there and i have been throwing up here periodically especially... READ MORE

Best Advice for Quick or Smooth Recovery After Smart Lipo?

I am getting Smart Lipo on my upper abs, lower abs, and flanks on Friday, and have found great advice on this site. However, it is scattered... READ MORE

Will I Re-gain Weight in my Stomach if I Get Pregnant After Having Smart Lipo on my Abs?

I'm nervous about getting pregnat after spending all this money on Smart lipo to my upper and lower abs? Will it go back after having a baby? READ MORE

Smartlipo Results - Sagging and Lack of Muscle Definition?

I had Smart Lipo done on my upper/lower abs and flanks. Before surgery I was 5'8/170pd. During the procedure the dr. said they had to break... READ MORE

3 weeks post op smart lipo skin looks horrible. (Photo)

I had smart lipo on my lower abs waist and back. I had stretch marks before that were tolerable but since my lipo they appear swollen and bulging will... READ MORE

Is there anything that I can do to prove that my smartlipo procedure was not done correctly?

I had smartlipo procedure done on 11-2009 for upper, lower abdominal and flanks by an Internal Medicine Physician that changed her profession to... READ MORE

How to receive the best results after Smart Lipo? Drainage and Massage? Why is drainage of fluid so important? (Photo)

I had smart lipo of the upper and lower abdomen and flanks done this morning. My main question is what is a faster way to drain the fluid? I have a... READ MORE

How Do you Decide Whether to do Smart Lipo on Upper and Lower Abs or Full Core?

I am scheduled to have a smart lip procedure done on my upper and lower ABS, but am wondering if I should go for the whole waist and hips too. My Dr... READ MORE

2 Months After Smart Lipo to Lower Abs, There is a Mushy/Flabby Area, Normal? (photo)

I had lower abdomen smart-lipo done about 7 weeks ago. The area still feels a bit mushy/flubby and there are a few small hard spots under the belly... READ MORE

Is $7500 Reasonable for Smart Lipo to Several Areas?

Is $7500.00 a reasonable price for Smart Lipo on upper and lower abs, love handles, and bra line? How much is Smart Lipo per area in Las Vegas?... READ MORE

When to See Difference from Abdominal Smart Lipo?

After three years of battling with the belly bulge after my baby, I decided to do Smart Lipo on upper and lower abs. I had it done on Friday and... READ MORE

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