Local Anesthesia + Smart Lipo

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Is Local Anesthesia for Smartlipo Pain Normal?

I recently had Smartlipo in my core area. It took about half an hour for the front and half an hour for the back to inject the local. I was told the... READ MORE

Fat Embolism Risks with Smart Lipo

I am getting local anesthesia which should reduce some risks but what, if anything, can be done to reduce fat embolism risk? This board certified Dr.... READ MORE

Smartlipo, laser lipo, lunch time lipo...which one for my chin, neck and jowls? (Photo)

I am 35 years old and with good skin tone, and have been horribly annoyed and disappointed at my chin / neck / jowls area for such a long time as it... READ MORE

I Am a Diabetic Type 1 with A1C 6.5 Can I Get a Smart Lipo on my Stomach?

I am a diabetic type 1 with A1C 6.5 can i get a smart lipo on my stomach. I am not comfortable of the general anaesthesia so i wanted to know,if this... READ MORE

I Want to Get Smartlipo Triplex but Prefer General Anesthetic Instead of Local, Can I?

I have high blood pressure when I get nervous so im going to get really nervous with local anesthetic, can I tell the dr. to perform the smartlipo... READ MORE

Why is the Local Anesthesia Fluid So Painful Before Smart Lipo Procedure?

I just had smartlipo done and I was not prepared for the pain I endured. I was given something to calm anxiety but not for pain. The local anesthesia... READ MORE

Smart Lipo Under Local Anesthetic / Non-Plastic Surgeon - Advice?

I am having SmartLipo on my U/L abs, love handles and sacrum. My problem is my doctor wants to do it under local and he said the surgery was going to... READ MORE

Considering smart lipo, third time lipo patient. Is it common to perform lipo with local anesthesia on scar tissue?

Hi, this will be my 3rd time having lipo, the previous docs did not remove much fat from my abdomen and left me with hard scar tissue(using reg... READ MORE

Is it legal for a PA to perform smart lipo?

It is legal for a PA to perform smart lipo? can a PA administer local anesthesia? Is it safe to allow a PA to perform a smart lipo procedure if they... READ MORE

General Anesthesia vs. Local for Smart Lipo

I am in my early 40's and in good health. I attended a few consultations for smart lipo for my abs, back, waist and thighs. I was informed I was a... READ MORE

Pain During Smart Lipo Of Inner Thighs Under Local Anesthesia? Do I Rule out a DR for Their Patient Coordinator's Comments?

Drs I've met with say it's an easy procedure and I wouldn't feel much pain- just some pulling. I asked a coordinator what if I was unsatisfied with... READ MORE

Liposculpting/Smart Lipo, is it safe to do these procedures under local anesthesia?

A consult I had with a PS- states they do a technique called lipo sculpting and smart lipo with fat transfer all under local anesthesia ? They also do... READ MORE

What can I do with lumps and excess skin on abs after failed smart lipo? Do I need a tummy tuck or can I try with lipo? (photo)

Like many others, I've done the worst mistake of going to a surgeon who probably just got his new pet (smartlipo machine). It was done under local... READ MORE

What's more effective, Lipo or Smart Lipo? (photo)

I'm debating whether to get lipo or smart lipo for my abdomen post 2 children and my underarm/breast area. I would prefer to not have general... READ MORE

Are there any problems with getting Smart Lipo in a plastic surgeon's office?

I saw this on a doctor's website - Our patients love the fact that Smartliposuction procedures are done in the office under local anesthesia.... READ MORE

Can Smart Lipo be done in more than one area under local anesthesia to remove silicone implants?

Is this safe and does local and epinephrine constrict the blood vessels so the silicone will not travel in blood stream? READ MORE

Local anesthesia for Lipo/smart?

I was reading when under going a local anesthesia procedure for lipo that there is a general risk from lidocaine toxicity for up to 12-16 hours post... READ MORE

Unsure if my doctor used Smartlipo or traditional liposuction on me.

Hello! I did Smartlipo the other day on my arms or at least that was my intend. While on the board before the provedure,the nurse covered my head just... READ MORE

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