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How to Prevent Blood Clots During Smart Lipo or Vaser Lipo?

Is there anything that you can do to prevent fat clots/blood clots from traveling to the lungs during Smart Lipo/Vaser Lipo/PAL Lipo? I'm very... READ MORE

What's the Blood Test Before Smart Lipo For?

When they do blood tests before Smart Lipo what do they look for? READ MORE

Is IV Sedation Safer Than General Anesthesia During Smart Lipo MPX?

I am considering Smart Lipo MPX on my lower abs. I was reluctant to have Traditional Liposuction previously because I didn't want to have General... READ MORE

Average Smart Lipo Quote?

I am considering Smart Lipo with a particular doctor. I am wondering if the quote that I received sounds right. For example, I was quoted $6,500 for a... READ MORE

Expected Inches to Loose from Smart Lipo on Saddlebags?

I am planning to have Smart Lipo but I'm very concerned that I won’t be satisfied with the results. As many people say that they did not notice... READ MORE

Lumps and Ripples After Smart Lipo?

I had "Smart Lipo" done 3 weeks ago on my flanks and upper and lower abdomen. I now have lumps/rope-like ripples on my mid-abdomen near my... READ MORE

SmartLipo - Is It Safe to Get SmartLipo Treatments on Back-to-back Days?

My friend will have 7 areas done and the dr. wont do it in 1 day. He suggest do 4 areas and the very next day the other 3 so she can recover from both... READ MORE

Pregnancy After Non-invasive Liposuction?

I am considering non-invasive Liposuction but what happens if I get pregnant again?I already have 3 children but we are undecided if we want anymore. ... READ MORE

How Painful is Smart Lipo Procedure?

I'm going in for Smart Lipo of the chin and abs tomorrow and I can't stop my teeth from chattering. Don't know why I'm so nervous. Is it as painful as... READ MORE

Does It Takes 6 Months to Heal from Smart Lipo?

Is it true it takes six months to fully heal from Smart Lipo? I'm getting nervous now because one leg looks great and the other seems to be swollen in... READ MORE

Still Draining Fluid Months After Smart Lipo?

I had Smart Lipo in Sept 2008. Now, my right side is hard as a rock and fluids keep coming. I've hade it drained twice and dark black blood came out... READ MORE

What to Expect from Smart Lipo on Neck?

I recently had Smart Lipo on my abs and I'm happy with the results. My lower stomach was "black and blue" for about two weeks, but it was... READ MORE

What Garment to Use After Smart Lipo?

My question is what type of garment should I wear after Smart Lipo? Is there a specific model and I also wanted to know if it's safe to take milk of... READ MORE

Arnica After Smart Lipo?

What's Arnica and why and how should I use it post Smart lipo? READ MORE

Healing from Smart Lipo Bruises?

I experienced massive bruising after my procedure. I was told that was incurred by something that I took before the procedure. I am taking vitamin C,... READ MORE

Weighing More After Smart Lipo?

Hi, I'm just a few days post op (3 days to be exact) and I was allowed to take off the gauze and shower for the first time last night. However, I'm... READ MORE

Unusual Feeling on the Stomach After Smart Lipo?

I had Smart Lipo last May 15. Sometimes it feels like something in my lower stomach area is shifting. I'm also still pretty sore around the lower... READ MORE

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