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Can Smart Lipo Be Done in Same Areas Again?

I had Smart Lipo a year ago (inner/outer thighs, knees, flanks, lower abdomen). I wasn’t content (one leg bigger) with the results. I went for... READ MORE

When Will Swelling Decrease After Smart Lipo Treatment?

I am considering Smart Lipo on inner and outer thighs like almost immediately but I am going to go to Aruba approximately 12 days from surgey. I am... READ MORE

How Tight Should I Wrap my Legs After Smart Lipo?

I recently had Smart Lipo on my inner/outer thighs and knee area about 4 days ago, and I am still very swollen. I'm going to get my compression... READ MORE

Smart Lipo Before Tummy Tuck? (photo)

I am contemplating Smartlipo on the back of my legs (thighs), hips, back, and arms before I have a full Tummy Tuck. I am about 5'5" and weigh about... READ MORE

Waiting Period for Smart Lipo Redo the Procedure?

How long is it advisable to wait after a small area of Smart Lipo (with suctioning) on the outer thighs (300 cc altogether taken) to redo the... READ MORE

DVT or Embolism Possible During Smart Lipo?

If you get Smart Lipo and you are awake during the procedure, is it still a big possibility to develop DVT or an embolism since technically, if you're... READ MORE

What if Smart Lipo Compression Garment Isn't Tight Enough?

I had Smart Lipo 3 days ago and ended up shrinking it when drying it. Only the elastic at the top shrunk and the doc said I could cut slits in the... READ MORE

I Am Having a Burning Sensation in my Legs and my Smart Lipo Was on my Hips and Abs?

I had a upper/lower abs and hips smart lipo 11 days ago and I am having so much burning in my shins when I am in a sitting position. Is this a common... READ MORE

How to Make Sure Markings Before Liposuction Are Accurate?

How can I be sure markings will be accurate to correct my situation? During my previous Smart Lipo MPX , the office girl literally just drew one... READ MORE

Becoming Thicker in Other Areas After Smartlipo

Hello, i recently got smartlipo about 5 months ago (inner/out thighs, banana, and flanks) I am young (22), and in great shape and count calories.... READ MORE

No Bruising After SmartLipo, is This Normal?

I had SmartLipo on my lower legs (ankles/calves); I'm post surg day 2 and there is no bruising. After seeing pictures of other women who had the... READ MORE

Swelling in Legs After Smart Lipo on Upper and Lower Abdomen (Photo)

I have swelling in my right leg just below the panty line. It appeared suddenly and it is not pain. Just kind of feels like a HUGE blister.... READ MORE

Swelling in lower extremities after smart lipo. What can I do? (photos)

I'm 2 weeks post-op from smart lipo of abdomen & flanks. I've been drained 3 times because I'm retaining water instead of draining. This week my left... READ MORE

Compression Garment After SmartLipo; Can I Change the Garments?

I just got smart lipoprotein on my legs and I am wearing a compression garment. The dr said I can't take it off for a week. It is disgusting... READ MORE

Is Smartlipo a good choice for getting rid of my banana rolls or something else? (photos)

I am 33 and thin , I workout and eat well but I can get rid of my banana rolls . Especially the right leg which is bigger annoys me a lot . I have... READ MORE

How long after smart lipo and fat grafting to buttocks can I work out my arms and legs (no cardio)?

I would like to know how exercising affects healing after smart lipo and/or fat transfer. I would also like to know how long after the procedure I can... READ MORE

Is there hope for these bulges and dents to work themselves out or am I looking at corrective Smart Lipo? (photo)

I had smart lipo five weeks ago on my inner thighs. My legs look very disfigured. The area that was not done right above the knee is now much bigger... READ MORE

With SmartLipo Triplex, can I finally get legs I don't mind showing in public? (photos)

I'm almost 33 years old, 5'2", 123 pounds, and pretty active/healthy, although I've ALWAYS hated my big legs (from my "cankles" to my inner thighs). I... READ MORE

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