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When Will This Leakage Stop?

I just got smart Lipo yesterday morning on my upper and lower abdomen, waist and hips. The doctor took 2 &1/2 liters of fat out. I am concerned... READ MORE

No Leakage After Smartlipo on Flanks Yesterday - Is That Normal?

I just had smartlipo on my flanks yesterday. the procedure went by smoothly but i was told to expect leakage. but its the 2nd night and i have not... READ MORE

Belly Button Incision Began Leaking 2 Most Post Op from SmartLipo, Why?

I had smartlipo about 2 mos ago on my abdomin & flanks. I had the expected leakage which subsided within 24 hrs. Left side was taking longer to... READ MORE

Drainage after Liposuction? (photos)

I had my smart liposuction on my arms 5 days ago, tomorrow is my 6th day post surgery and two of my incision are still leaking watery fulid, its not... READ MORE

Is it normal after 9 days of having smart lipo to not see any real shape difference to the legs due to swelling? (Photo)

I had smart lip 9days ago and they removed 1.5litres from ankles and legs. I am still leaking from 3 of my incision points. I have my post opp... READ MORE

Today is 14 days after my smart lipo, but I still have leaking from my lower abdomen....

Today is 14 days after my smart lipo, but I still have leaking from my lower abdomen, what to know Is it normal ?! My doctor said yes ... But I'm so... READ MORE

Pain, swelling, numbness and fluid leaking. Will this cause me problems with the drainage?

After my procedure I was highly medicated and still very loopy. In the mist of changing my band aide I removed my drainage tube without knowing it... READ MORE

Smart Lipo inner thigh recovery?

I'm planning to have SmartLipo on my Inner Thighs only. I was told I have minimal fat to remove (it is all relative, I suppose). I will be going to a... READ MORE

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