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Indentations from Compression Garment.

I had smartlipo 5-6 days ago. The first two days after the surgery the compression garment indented itself into the back of my thigh (causing the kind... READ MORE

Why Does Lower Abdomen Seem More Poofy Than Before?

Hi, I am 4 weeks post upper,lower abs & flanks smart lipo. My husband & I noticed yesterday my lower abdomen looked extremely bloated. Still... READ MORE

Indentations on Abdomen following Smart Lipo

I had smart lipo done about 1 1/2 years ago,and then the same Dr. did a "touch up" to correct the problems about 1 year ago. Currently there... READ MORE

Scars and Indentations After Smart Lipo

Loved the answers re: 5yrs later scars and indentations after smart lipo to my chin causing burns and uneven chin line. Had facelift 1yr prior and was... READ MORE

Can You Fix Indentions and Scars from Smartlipo on the Face

7 months ago i went to see a Dr about removing some fat due to chubby cheeks. He suggested smartlipo over microlipo as he is one of the best in the... READ MORE

Horizontal Abdominal Indention Post Revised Abdominal Liposuction? (photo)

I had abdominal lipo suction done in May. I had some unevenness and lumps, therefore my plastic surgeon did a revision of my abdominal with additional... READ MORE

Massive Indentation and Lumps After Smart Lipo to Arms, Will This Go Away Over Time? (photo)

I have been 3.5 weeks post op. I have limited mobility in the arm and indentations. Will this go away or do I need immediate follow up. READ MORE

9 weeks post lipo using ann cherry latex compression waist cincher. Should I be worried about indentations at this time frame?

Started using ann cherry latex compression waist cincher couple days ago, i note it really helps with swelling and hopefully will assist with... READ MORE

Is it Normal to Have a Large Indentation on My Right Flank After Smart Lipo?

Is It Normal to Have a Large Indentation on One Side Right at the Waist Area After Smart Lipo on Flanks? I dont have the indentation on my left side. READ MORE

I had Smart Lipo 3 weeks ago to my stomach, will the bumps and unevenness go away? (photos)

I had Smart Lipo 3 weeks ago. The indentation in my right flank appeared the next day after my surgery and the bumps/indents on my stomach appeared... READ MORE

3 Months Since my Smart Lipo, Why Do My Thighs and Arms Have Odd Indentations and Waves?

Its been 3 months since my smart lipo. My thighs and arms have odd dentations and waves. The skin on my thighs never contracted and looks worse than... READ MORE

Do I really need to wear a garment and yoga mat after Smartlipo?

According to the Dr. I must wear a piece of yoga mat that goes all arround my stomach before putting the garment and also a thin shirt underneath the... READ MORE

Can I Repair Lopsidedness After Smart Lipo?

I have indentations and waviness around my belly button. Is there anyone near Indiana that has done smart-lipo repair that was not done correctly (in... READ MORE

I Have Very Large Indents/grooves in the Middle of my Flanks-do People Have to Pay for the Touch Up?

Right from the first day I noticed the large indents. It's like the doctor suctioned a straight line in the middle of my flank, but not above or below... READ MORE

Can surgeon remove too much fat causing indentation and pain below ribcage?

Had smart lipo done 18 months ago and have a huge indentation below my back ribcage. It has become painful and I find it difficult to sleep on my back... READ MORE

Smart Lipo Indentation, how to reduce? (Photo)

2015 1 month post Hi I'm exactly one month post op my laser assisted lipo procedure (Trisculpt) and I've been noticing some indentation on my upper... READ MORE

Was this a botch job? (Photo)

I am 5 weeks post operation. My swelling is uneven and I have a very pronounced dent. At this point two fingers deep and starting to harden. Is this... READ MORE

Can this be revised and look normal or is it to late? (photos)

I had smartlipo about 7 yrs ago and had a terrible turnout. I was even burned from the inside out on my skin... (Notice in photos on left side). I... READ MORE

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