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Drainage and Swelling After Smart Lipo and Tummy Tuck

I had a Tummy Tuck a week ago. The doctor did Smart Lipo and then the Tummy Tuck. I ended up with a huge incision from waist to waist, and I am... READ MORE

Location of Abdominal SmartLipo Incisions

Where on the abdomen area do doctors usually make the incisions for SmartLipo? READ MORE

I'm Worried About the Scarring from Smart Lipo - How Large Are the Incisions, How Many?

I think I would benefit from Smart Lipo - I'm 125, 5'7, but just have this "back fat" that won't go away, no matter what. I... READ MORE

Smart Lipo to Abs: Can the Incisions Only Be in the Belly Button?

I will be getting breast augmentation and smart lipo in my upper and lower abs in a few weeks. My dr told me today that their will only be two... READ MORE

Is my Smart Lipo Incision Healing Correctly? (photo)

I got smart lipo done 11 days ago and the recovery was amazing, im a little bit worried about my left incision i dont know if this is part of the... READ MORE

Possible For Flanks to be The Incision Location? Female, 30s

I will be getting SmartLipo or a version of it, soon (doctor yet to be determined). I am pretty thin, only a small amount of contouring needed on... READ MORE

How long before smart lipo incision scars disappear completely?

Three months post-op and the the incision scars which are approx 2 mm long are still very visible and a darker shade . I'm using Mederma, scar healing... READ MORE

Bruising Around Incisions After Smart Lipo

I have 2 incisions around lower abdomen area and they don't seem to want to close and heal up. I have been putting peroxide on them to hopefully... READ MORE

How Can I Speed Up the Healing Process of Lipo Incisions?

I recently just got smart lipo performed on my abdomen,waist, and flank area. My surgery date was on march 25th and by now most of my incisions are... READ MORE

Where Would the Incision Site Be for my Saddlebag Area with SmartLipo?

I am concered about having scars form having SmartLipo and was wanting to know if I just needed the 'saddlebag area'(area right under buttocks... READ MORE

Where Is the Incision for Smartlipo on the Upper Back?

I was interested in getting a Brazilian Butt lift, knowing that it requires suction of fat from other parts of the area, i want to get my back... READ MORE

How Significant Will Abdominal Bruising Be After a Smart Lipo Procedure?

Will the bruising only be at the smart lipo tool incision site, or will it be more widespread? READ MORE

Smart Lipo 3days post op 1 incision still bleeding?

Im on day 3 now after smartlipo (tummy, flanks, hips). all incisions stopped oozing except for the one in my left hip which still can soak 2 pads a... READ MORE

Drainage after Liposuction? (photos)

I had my smart liposuction on my arms 5 days ago, tomorrow is my 6th day post surgery and two of my incision are still leaking watery fulid, its not... READ MORE

Still significant swelling at incision site, almost 9 weeks post smart lipo under chin - Normal? What will help? (Photo)

I have uploaded pictures of: my right side profile, which looks wonderful; my left side, which looks swollen still; and, of underneath, me leaning... READ MORE

Bump Under Skin After Smart Lipo on Arms, Normal? Only Happened on One Arm and is Right Where Incision Was?

Hello, I have a small bump on the under side of my arm where an incesion was. Very hard and I'm about 2 weeks po. I know limps and bumps are part of... READ MORE

Hard Area Around Smart Lipo Incision

I noticed that in/around the area of the Smart Lipo incision feels hard. Is this because of scar tissue that is the effect of healing? It is also... READ MORE

Itchy Smart Lipo Incisions and Abdomen

I had Smart Lipo on 6/9/09 and I am 2 days post op and the incision sites are itchy. They aren't leaking any foul odor, or even leaking fluid anymore,... READ MORE

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