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How Soon After Smart Lipo Can I Start Working Out?

I had Smart lipo 17 days ago. When can I return to working out? READ MORE

Does Exercise Affect Healing After Smart Lipo?

What is the rule for exercise after Smart Lipo and does exercise impact how tight the skin can heal to the muscle wall and potentially cause dimpling... READ MORE

How Soon Can I Start Running After Smart Lipo?

I'm a regular runner who is interested in Smart Lipo on my abdomen and sides but am anxious about how long I'll be unable to run after the procedure. READ MORE

I'm Heavier Now then Before I Had Smartlipo 1 Week Ago. Is This Normal?

I am worried that i am gaining weight again even after spending 5000 on smartlipo 7 days ago. I want to jump back on the treadmill and start working... READ MORE

When Can I Be Ok Working out Abs After Lipo?

I had "smart" and traditional lipo with tumescence done 3 weeks ago. When may I return to the gym to work on abs? (too sore now but... READ MORE

SmartLipo Vs. Zeltiq CoolSculpting for Inner Things

I'm 34 years old and have a great body, work out daily, etc. However, I've always had inner thighs that seem to be resistant to exercise. One... READ MORE

When Can I Swim After Smart Lipo?

I am scheduled to get Smart Lipo within the next couple of weeks and I am freaking out because I swim every other day. How long after I get Smart Lipo... READ MORE

Is Smart Lipo Safe for Diabetics?

Hi. I am considering having Smart Lipo on my lower stomach I am 5'8" and 135 pounds. I am in good health I exercise and eat right but I have Type... READ MORE

Will Exercising Help Tighten Skin Before Smart Lipo/Vaser Lipo

If I continue to work out alot at least six weeks before Smart Lipo MPX/Vaser liposuction combo and do lots of ab exercises, will that help my chances... READ MORE

How Long to Wait to Exercise After Smartlipo?

I am scheduled for two Smartlipo procedures. One is my arms and the other is my thighs and buttocks. How long will I have to wait to do cardio on the... READ MORE

How Soon Can I Resume Hard-core Workout After Smart Lipo?

I am a very active 37 year old mom of two. How soon can I resume boxing, running, kickboxing after having Smart Lipo on my saddlebags and possibly... READ MORE

Healing from Smart Lipo While Working Out?

I am getting Smart Lipo on my inner thigh, flanks, and inner knee. I was wondering how long it will take for the swelling to go down. And I am an... READ MORE

Exercise Affecting Smart Lipo Results?

It's been 7.5 weeks since my smart lipo and I barely see results. Right after my smart lipo procedure (abdomen) I was swollen for about 2 wks. It went... READ MORE

Post Smart Lipo: Empty Skin Pocket on Gluteal Crease

I had smartlipo on my buttocks (gluteal crease)4 months ago,and now the result is worse than before. I ended up with an empty skin pocket. My doctor... READ MORE

Exercise After Smart Lipo? 10 Days Post Op.

I'm 10 days post op and DYING to exercise! I am a power lifter and aerobics instructor. I'm used to exercising 2-3 hours a day so this is very hard... READ MORE

How Long Until I Can Exercise After Smart Lipo?

I had smart lipo done last week, how soon before i can truly excercise? I am getting concerned that it is going to take a lot longer then i expected... READ MORE

Exercising and Weight Training Before Smartlipo?

I went in for a consult and decided to get smart lipo done.I am very active and eat fairly healthy but have those stubborn areas.I weight train heavy... READ MORE

How Long After Smart Lipo Can One Exercise?

On average, how long until one can exercise after Smart lipo? READ MORE

Does It Help to Do Sit-ups After Smart Lipo?

After having Smart Lipo done on the tummy, will it help to do sit ups? What are good things to do that could enhance the stomach area after the... READ MORE

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