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Fat Transfer to Butt, Hips and Thighs Through Smart Lipo?

I'm a Female who weighs 206lbs and am 5'6". Most of my fat is in my stomach and arms. I would like to get Smart Lipo but at the same time I would... READ MORE

How Soon After Smartlipo Can I Start the HCG Diet

Hi, I had smartlipo done on my chest 5 days ago, and I'm thinking about starting the HCG diet. Is it too soon to start? I'm a 28 years old... READ MORE

Scrambled Eggs Ok to Eat Before Smartlipo

I will be having my smart lipo on my upper and lower abs and waist on 12/30th the doc said i could eat that morning.... are scrambled eggs ok to eat ?... READ MORE

I Am 2 Weeks Post S/L, and my Weight Has Increased by 3lbs. Despite Being on a Diet. Why?

I Am 2 Weeks Post S/L,  and my Weight Has Increased by 3lbs. Despite Being on a Diet. Why? READ MORE

Diet After Smartlipo and Fat Transfer?

I am getting smartlipo done to my lower abdomen and flanks, and having fat transferred to my breasts. However I feel that the diet information I've... READ MORE

Would Smart Lipo help me achieve smaller waist?

I'm currently 5'3" and around 140 lbs. I've been dieting and exercising with a goal of being 125 lbs. Currently my waist is about 29-30" and I can... READ MORE

Smart Lipo and after results; Are the continued results based on the Liposuction or eating right? (photo)

I had Smart Lipo combine with Water Lipo on my Arms, Abs, and Love Handles about 4 days ago. My question is that if I continue to watch what I eat, is... READ MORE

Swelling worsening at 10 weeks after Smart Lipo (photo)

My swelling has progressively worsened since my Smart Lipo (upper and lower abdomen) procedure 10 weeks ago (February 21) and has gotten to the point... READ MORE

Is it ok to go on a weight loss diet and exercise regimen after Smart Lipo?

I am close to 4 weeks post smart lipo and I've noticed that although My abdomen looks very different, I still can't fit into my jeans.. and I haven't... READ MORE

Are there any tips (pre or post diet, exercise, massage, or supplements) to assist in making SmartLipo more successful? (Photo)

I am aware that the outcome of the procedure solely rest on the quality of the doctor. I am strictly asking for tips if any that I should do prior or... READ MORE

I would like to know what kind of results to expect from Smart Lipo for my arms? (photos)

I am exercising faithfully, and the rest of my body is responding to a lower calorie diet and exercise...but not my arms! Is Smart Lipo really as... READ MORE

I did smart lipo my stomach last friday, but I still have a gut? (Photos)

I'm 32 y/o male, active Last Friday I had smartlipo done on my stomach, As I always had problem with my stomach. I trydiet , etc, it didn't work , so... READ MORE

Is Smart Lipo the best option for me? (Photo)

I started my weight loss journey about a year ago. I have been able to lose just over a 100lbs. Even with diet and exercise, I can't seem to get rid... READ MORE

What is considered the ideal patient for smart lipo? (photos)

I'm a fairly active individual , 32 and never had children. I have problem areas that seem to just not want to cooperate no matter how often I hit the... READ MORE

Would I be a good candidate for Smart Lipo / laser lipo? (photos)

I have been off accutane for ~month. My derm said to wait 6 months for laser hair removal but unsure about laser lipo since he doesn't perform it. He... READ MORE

41 year old. Would Smart Lipo help me regain flatness after 3 C-Sections? (photos)

I had 3 C-Sections. Exercise and diet have restored most of my shape. Would Smart Lipo help flatten the ridge of fat above the C-section scar? READ MORE

Why didn't smart lipo work? (Photo)

I had smart lipo on my upper and lower abdominal and my front sides in July it's going to be September and I look exactly the same. I even did a detox... READ MORE

Why am I having rapid weight gain only six weeks after Smart Lipo on abdomen and flanks?

I had Smart Lipo six weeks ago. I noticed I was gaining weight rapidly after the 3rd week. I though maybe it was swelling but it's im my thighs,... READ MORE

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