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6 Weeks After Smart Lipo - Huge Dent Between Upper and Lower Abs

I had smart lipo 6 weeks ago. i had 300 cc removed from abdomen and flanks. i have not gain any weight, but my stomach looks larger and unnatural.. i... READ MORE

Botched Smartlipo..what to Do Now???

I had Smartlipo done 2 1/2 years ago. My problems include: 1. One arm has a 'dent' and then a puff of fat at the top near armpit. This arm... READ MORE

Disfigurement and Dents, Lumps After 8 Months of Smartlipo (Female, 36)? (photo)

I went for smartlipo for ab, thighs and arms. Arms were ok. but, abs and thighs are disfigured badly. Now, I am left with lumps and dents on my ab and... READ MORE

1 Month Post-Op Smart Lipo to Abdomen- Garment Too Tight?

I wore the compression garment give to me my MD for two weeks as suggested The garment was uncomfortable, and too tight right about two inches above... READ MORE

Uneven 2 Years After Smart Lipo on Chin

I have smart lipo to my chin area 2yrs ago and got burns on both entry areas that had to be debrided and left scars and dents. Now I look like I have... READ MORE

How to Fix Smartlipo Arm Dent & Pain and Bumpy Abs

I had smart lipo almost three years ago. I have these problems: 1. A 'dent' in my upper arm they went too close to the muscle then it... READ MORE

In Need of Fat Grafting After Bad Liposuction: Can I Ask Original Doc for a Refund?

I had smartlipo almost three years ago. I have a dent in my upper arm, pain, and a puff of fat at the top that looks ridiculous. My abs are bumpy like... READ MORE

Disappointed with SmartLipo Results - How to Find a Good Second Opinion on What's Next?

I'm very unhappy with results of smartlipo performed 3 months ago. I now have huge dents in each thigh which look much worse than my previous 'fat... READ MORE

Smartlipo Disaster. Have Dents and a Long Thin Scar?

After Smartlipo my thighs are a mess. I have huge dents at the top of both outer thigh and inner thigh. My legs look ridiculous. I also have a long... READ MORE

Lumps and Dents 2 Weeks Post Smart Lipo?

I had smart lipo 2 weeks and 2 days ago ... On flanks lower and upper abs...I noticed the day I got out of surgery that there was a dent in the lower... READ MORE

Severe Thigh Dent & Bulge from Lipo? (photo)

I would like to add this to the question I have already posted. Is there no way to add pictures or edit information?? For further reference, I am 30... READ MORE

Smart Lipo Dents and Irregularities?

I had Smart Lipo to the upper arms and inner thighs 10 months ago and am left with lumps, dent and irregularities in both areas. Is there a corrective... READ MORE

Could my compression garment leave permanent dent/lumps on skin? Should I get a different one? (Photo)

I had smartlipo done three days ago and the garment has the zipper on the left side. It's not straight and it lumps up a lot. When I looked at my skin... READ MORE

Severe Dent & Bulge from Lipo? (photo)

My inner thigh has a large bulge. It’s been 9 months, so the results are stable. In Jan. the dr told me give it time &, "See how empty it is?" i... READ MORE

Is there hope for these bulges and dents to work themselves out or am I looking at corrective Smart Lipo? (photo)

I had smart lipo five weeks ago on my inner thighs. My legs look very disfigured. The area that was not done right above the knee is now much bigger... READ MORE

Dents after smart lipo! What do I do? Is it normal? Can I do fat grafting to the area? (Photo)

I got laser lip about 18 months ago I was 25 at the time and now I have dents on both sides where my hips are the dents are visible on my left side... READ MORE

How big of a dent is normal? (Photo)

I'm two weeks post smart lipo and I have a "dent". It is a spot directly on to of my hip bone that is compels flattened. It looks like the band of my... READ MORE

Huge dents and wrinkles 3 days after smartlipo on lower abs? (Photo)

This looks like more than just fluid and swelling to me... did I get botched? :( READ MORE

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