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Creating a Gluteal Crease with Smart Lipo, Is this Possible? (photo)

I am 5'7 125 lbs. I have a round and medium size butt however i do not have a gluteal crease. one side of my butt has a very slight crease &... READ MORE

Are Creases or Wrinkling Normal After Abdominal Smart Lipo?

These creases in the abdomen were not there at 5 weeks but started to appear at week 6 and now at 8 weeks they seem quite permanent. They are more... READ MORE

Post Smart Lipo: Empty Skin Pocket on Gluteal Crease

I had smartlipo on my buttocks (gluteal crease)4 months ago,and now the result is worse than before. I ended up with an empty skin pocket. My doctor... READ MORE

Crease above belly button 3 weeks postop Smartlipo - is this normal? (photo)

I am quite happy with the results with the exception of a 5-6" crease running lengthwise above my belly button - equally on both sides of belly button... READ MORE

I have zero gluteal fold? (photo)

I have been self conscious about my buttocks for a long time, since I was a teenager I have a saggy derrière, with lateral hollows compared to an old ... READ MORE

Are these creases normal two weeks after smart lipo and will they go away? (photo)

See the creases, can someone tell me if that's normal and will it go away? READ MORE

How to fix this? Inner & outer thigh Smart Lipo disaster. Will inner thigh lift fix it completely? Where would scars be? (Photo)

The dr that did this says I just need skin toghtening treatments, I know that won't fix that my upper thigh looks like part of a deformed butt. I can... READ MORE

Advice for desk worker getting Smart Lipo (Specifics Follow)

I am getting Body Jet/Smart Lipo at the end of the week and would like some advice on how to get the best results. The areas I am having done are:... READ MORE

Banana roll after smart lipo - can it be fixed? (photos)

I used to have large hips so i got smart lipo done to the hip region 16 months before.. as you can see there is a banana roll now... how can it be... READ MORE

Will this wrinkly crease go away after lumps on each side of the crease go down or is it a result of too much taken out? (Photo)

I got smart liposuction on my lower abs, waist, back two weeks ago. I'm very happy with my results even though I know I'm still swollen. I used to... READ MORE

How can I get rid of creases and hardness after having Smart Lipo to the upper/lower abs and flanks area? (photos)

Its been 1yr and 3mths since surgery. Ive excercised and ate u recommend more surgery or what... READ MORE

Will Smart Liposuction remove stomach crease and smooth skin? (Photo)

I had a TT in 2012 followed by a surprise C-section birth in 2013!! Long story short I now have a center crease from my upper abdomen to my belly... READ MORE

I took off my compression garment today and I saw a huge a huge crease? Is my CG too loose? (Photo)

I know it's from when I sit down and the compression garment Rolls over. Should I put the compression garment tighter? Will this crease go away? READ MORE

Can muscle under the chin become detached following Smart Lipo?

I had smart Lipo 4/7/17. The hand out I was given said to wear the compression garment for 24-48 hours. I wore it for 4 days and would have worn it... READ MORE

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