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How Much Does Smart Lipo Cost?

Is there a flat Smart Lipo price or do you pay per area? Does the amount of fat you have taken out affect the cost of SmartLipo? READ MORE

How Much Does Smartlipo Cost for the Whole Abdomen Area?

I live in Texas City close to the Houston area and i would like to know around how much money will i be out of if i had my fat cells melted and skin... READ MORE

Smartlipo Arms

I am interested in Smart Lipo around my arms and armpit fat. I want to take 2 inches off of each arm and get rid of that fatty skin by my armpit... READ MORE

How Much Does Neck Smart Lipo Cost?

What is the cost approximate cost of Smart Lipo on the neck area? I live in the Westchester New York area. READ MORE

Cost of Smart Lipo on Mons Pubis?

How much does it typically cost to do Smart Lipo on mons pubis? READ MORE

Average Smart Lipo Quote?

I am considering Smart Lipo with a particular doctor. I am wondering if the quote that I received sounds right. For example, I was quoted $6,500 for a... READ MORE

Is It Recommended to Lose Weight Before Smart Lipo?

I was quoted $2,500 for a chest Smart Lipo. I'm about to get this chest proceduce from a doctor in Zachary, LA. I'm excited about it and I think it's... READ MORE

Which Has Better Results and Less Scarring? LipoLite or SmartLipo?

I'm wondering if these are seperate procedures or they are just a "brand" of laser lipo. If there is a cost difference and which one is... READ MORE

Type 2 Diabetes and Smart Lipo? (photo)

I am 46 years old,5'8",270lbs.and I have type 2 diabetes. I have a large belly and nothing works to get rid of it. My doctor says a big part... READ MORE

Anesthesiologist Cost to Fix Neck After Smart Lipo? (photo)

I have my chin /neck jowls smrt lipo a year ago my result is not good, looks like my neck is half way done, i show my neck to couple of surgeons and i... READ MORE

Schools That Provide Smart Lipo at Lower Cost?

I am very interested in SmartLipo and was curious if there are schools that provide the procedure for a cheaper cost? Of course I want to be safe and... READ MORE

Smart Lipo Estimates? (photo)

I live in Fort Lauderdale. I would just like the smart lipo procedure done for my lower abdomen. What costs should I expect to have? READ MORE

Smart Lipo Quote Too Expensive?

Smart Lipo quote seems very expensive compared to regular liposuction. I went for a consultation for Smart Lipo on my knees, inner and outer thighs,... READ MORE

Smart Lipo Quote- Abdomen and Back (photo)

I am considering having Smart Lipo on my abdomen and I would like to know a ball park figure so I would know what kind of price I would be up against... READ MORE

How Much is Smartlipo in Atlanta Ga?

I'm considering in getting smartlipo in my abdominal area how much do doctors in Atlanta ga charge for that one area? READ MORE

Is Smart Lipo a good choice? (photos)

I'm 23, 5'6, and 122lbs with unwanted abdominal fat. I've never had a flat stomach, I've been holding it in since childhood, and now that I've had a... READ MORE

Do Upper abs and Lower abs have a separate cost or are they both one price? (Photo)

I know this answer may be different from all the various doctors and your locations but generally do you charge one price for the entire abdomen or is... READ MORE

Is $7500 Reasonable for Smart Lipo to Several Areas?

Is $7500.00 a reasonable price for Smart Lipo on upper and lower abs, love handles, and bra line? How much is Smart Lipo per area in Las Vegas?... READ MORE

Smart Lipo Cost for Abs, Back and Arms?

How much is cost for Smart Lipo for bottom and top abs and back, and arms? I'm considering Smart Lipo. I have 3 kids. After losing 40 pounds in 3... READ MORE

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