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What Do I Need to Be Asking the Doctor?

I'm thinking of having either smart lipo or vaser lipo done on my double chin , What should I be looking for or asking the doctor / surgeon who will... READ MORE

Can I Get Consult and Treatment Same Day?

Smart lipo on abdominal area, I'm Coming from AL can I get consult and procedure same day? READ MORE

What Questions to Ask During my Initial Smart Lipo/breast Lift Consultation?

What kind of questions should I ask? I want to make an informed decision. I've already thought of: How many SmartLipo procedures have you performed?... READ MORE

Smartlipo Consultation Process. Should I Be Worried if a Surgeon Does Not Have Pictures to Share?

I've visited a few surgeons in NYC, some which are considered "TOP" on this website and was amazed how most do not have any before and... READ MORE

Smart lipo candidate? (photos)

I am wanting to lose the spare tire, or stomach and love handles. I lost 60+ lbs almost 6 years ago and cannot seem to rid my body of these... READ MORE

How much is the cost of a Smart Lipo?

I had a consultation at sono bello in Sacramento ca. The price for 3 parts which included my upper abdominal area, lower, and both sides which is as... READ MORE

UPDATED!! Am I a good candidate for SmartLipo? & Will I see great results? (Photo)

I'm a 20 yr old guy who is very active, I go to the gym around 3-4 times a week (4-5 in the summertime), I have an area of loose skin in my lower abs... READ MORE

What should I do to get the best results for my double chin/neck? Had 2 consults with app. views & need further help. (photo)

I am a 30yo woman interested in doing something about extra fat/skin under my chin and neck. Although I am a bit above ideal weight (BMI of 25), even... READ MORE

Smart lipo or Tummy tuck? (Photo)

I had a consultation with the doctor that recommended lipo first in the abdomen and waist then a second stage tummy tuck. I dread the idea of being... READ MORE

Good candidate for smart or traditional Liposuction with local or general anesthesia? Which gives the best results? (Photos)

I had a tummy tuck in late 2015.I was 150 pounds. I had a baby in April of 2016 so over a year ago. I gain more weight in the past year since I had my... READ MORE

Is Smart Lipo the best option for me? (Photo)

I started my weight loss journey about a year ago. I have been able to lose just over a 100lbs. Even with diet and exercise, I can't seem to get rid... READ MORE

Not happy with smartlipo results after 5 months? (Photos)

I did smarlipo on my upper and lower abbs and flanks. I followed all the instructions after my post op and wear my compression garment for 8 weeks,... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for Smart Lipo? (Photos)

I am a 30 year old female, since I was 13 or so I had issues with my arms looking bigger than they should be/collecting fat. Now at my age the size... READ MORE

Smartlipo, regular lipo, or tummy tuck? (photos)

I'm so confused. So far I've had three consults with three board certified plastic surgeons and have been given three different opinions. I have 4... READ MORE

Is it normal that my doctor will not put on my garment till 3 days after my surgery?

I'm scheduled to do smartlipo in my flanks and abdomen in 2 weeks but the lady who did my consultation said I should but my garmet until 3 days after... READ MORE

I'm scheduled for my neck liposuction. Which is better SmartLipo or Vaser? Doctor said he can do either. (photo)

I am confident I am going to benefit from lipo of my neck. I had two consultations and I am confident with the board-certified plastic surgeon that I... READ MORE

How to know if I'm unnecessarily having liposuction procedures?

I had a smart liposuction in 2015 of love handles, flanks, and entire abdomen and inner thighs. 6 months later he did a revision of stomach area and... READ MORE

Smart Lipo or power assisted lipo??

Not sure what to do.. what is better smart lipo or power assisted Lipo.. I've gone to 5 different consultations. This is the 1st consultation that I... READ MORE

SmartLipo on only full abdomen not back "wings"? (photo)

I'm set for Smart Lipo in October (my very first!) on my full abdomen. I had my consult yesterday and I'm very happy except when I went home I... READ MORE

First consultation with my doctor, how to avoid miscommunication to get the results I want?

Hi! please forgive any grammar/spelling mistakes, as English is not my first language. Tomorrow is my first consultation with my doctor, I would like... READ MORE

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