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Is Smart Lipo Under the Chin and Neck Painful?

I am having smart lipo on my chin and neck area in a couple of weeks. I need real honesty here. Is the procedure going to be painful under local... READ MORE

Will the Lumpiness Go Away After Smart Lipo?

I am 44 years old and was already starting to have the uneven chin line and double chin. I had Smart Lipo 10 days ago and ended up with swelling and... READ MORE

Smart Lipo on Chin and Jaw Line Possible?

I am contemplating having my chin and jaw line done along with a scheduled surgery for my arms, upper back and lower back and waistline, as well as... READ MORE

Swelling Under Chin After Smart Lipo

I had Smart Lipo on my chin 4 weeks ago. 70 cc's of fat were removed. I now have a line of swelling under my chin where the fattest area used to be... READ MORE

Will my Jawline and Chin Sagging Worsen After Smart Lipo?

I am scheduled to have Smart Lipo along my jaw line and under my chin. I am very thin and do not need to have fat removed. The elasticity of my skin... READ MORE

Unable to Smile After Smartlipo on the Neck and Chin

Smartlipo on chin and jawline 3 weeks ago. DR. put a stitch in under chin Wore compression garment for 3 days Wore compression garment at night for... READ MORE

Smart Lipo or Cool Lipo for Chin or Neck?

I am considering Lipo on my neck and chin area. As a mother of 2 small children, I am very concerned about recovery time. Which between traditional... READ MORE

Recovery Period for Smart Lipo Under the Chin?

How long is the recovery period for Smart Lipo under chin? Is it as long as Smart Lipo on the abs? READ MORE

Nerve and Gland Damage Possible After Smart Lipo?

I would like to have Smart Lipo done on my neck, jowls, chin area but I'm concerned about the potential nerve or gland damage in such a sensitive area... READ MORE

No Results and Still Swelling After Smart Lipo

I visited my doctor this past Saturday for my 6wk check up (its actually been 7wks since my Smart Lipo with Tumescent Lipo for abs, chin, love... READ MORE

Scars and Indentations After Smart Lipo

Loved the answers re: 5yrs later scars and indentations after smart lipo to my chin causing burns and uneven chin line. Had facelift 1yr prior and was... READ MORE

4 Weeks Post Op and Chin Looks Worse Than Before Smartlipo: Swollen and Hard Areas.

I had only a slight double chin (hereditary) before surgery so dr said I didn't need much fat removed. Around day 5 my chin started to gradually... READ MORE

Am I a Good Candidate for Smart Lipo on Chin and Neck? (photo)

I got a quote and they are charging 3500 to do both the neck and chin. I also want to know if that is a fair price? Thanks so much. READ MORE

Massage After Smart Lipo on Chin?

L had Smart Lipo to my chin 6 weeks ago. Unfortunately, l am unable to contact the doctor who carried out this procedure. Should I be massaging daily... READ MORE

Uneven 2 Years After Smart Lipo on Chin

I have smart lipo to my chin area 2yrs ago and got burns on both entry areas that had to be debrided and left scars and dents. Now I look like I have... READ MORE

Anesthesiologist Cost to Fix Neck After Smart Lipo? (photo)

I have my chin /neck jowls smrt lipo a year ago my result is not good, looks like my neck is half way done, i show my neck to couple of surgeons and i... READ MORE

Smartlipo, laser lipo, lunch time lipo...which one for my chin, neck and jowls? (Photo)

I am 35 years old and with good skin tone, and have been horribly annoyed and disappointed at my chin / neck / jowls area for such a long time as it... READ MORE

Smart Lipo and Chin Implant for Jawline?

Smart Lipo is said to be ideal for small fat deposits, but I've also read about potential scarring on the interior skin if the laser gets too... READ MORE

Lumps on Chin Area After Smart Lipo

Two weeks ago, I had a Smart Lipo on my chin. The fat was not suctioned out but left to be absorbed. Since I first touched my chin, there has been a... READ MORE

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